Vital Medical lessons with Dr. Saad Saad

All pediatricians have received calls at home, sometimes very late into the night from parents who are concerned about certain conditions their children are experiencing.

Some parents claim in these calls that their children are having rashes, severe cough, fevers, sore throat, headaches and more and want to know if they should be worried. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad who is a retired pediatric surgeon gives his advice as well as opinions concerning the significance of vaccinations that children should receive throughout the younger years.

Saad supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Immunization Schedule. As a pediatrician and a parent, Saad understands how parents can worry about their children. He encourages parents to have their children vaccine as his best advice.

Dr. Saad was trained by Dr. H Biemann Othersen, one of the greatest surgeons that America has when it comes to pediatric medicine. Saad received his training to become a pediatric surgeon.

Dr. Saad says that the best lesson he learned from Othersen is to be kind, hard-working, and honest and to offer his medical services without considering the race, origin, color, religion, physical or mental abilities, or financial status of the children I treat.

Dr. Saad claims that how genetics is enhancing our ability to prevent, understand as well as treat chronic diseases including cancer is one of the medical trends that excite him.

Dealing with children growth

When infants gain a lot of weight during their first weeks or months is an indicator that they may be obese later in life.

Infants that experience rapid early growth are at a higher risk of becoming obese as compared to those with normal growth patterns. In addition to this, breastfeeding is one activity that will make the child obese later in life.

According to some studies, the duration of breastfeeding matters when it comes to obesity. Breastfeeding brings a lot of benefits to the baby and hence, Dr. Saad encourages it. Learn more about Dr Saad Saad:

Besides, infants require enough sleep time to have healthier lives. Sleeping for fewer hours will cause them to gain more weight.It has taken Dr. Saad many years to build a great reputation in this medical industry.

He started his journey as a refugee and he has built his way up to the top. He is the perfect example of “we hold our destinies in our hands.”

Cold in children

In most cases, babies will get cold because the development of their immune system continues.

However, it is rare for a newborn baby to get cold. Sometimes, the colds can become severe and so it is essential to for the parent to take the baby to the pediatrician if the baby shows signs of high fever and other symptoms.

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who is based in New Jersey.

Saad argues that it is vital to call a doctor immediately a baby shows sickness signs to identify the problem before it gets severe.

Paul Mampilly: His Hope for Main Street America

Spreading the wealth is a not so popular term in a capitalist nation like the United States, however, Wall Street Player Paul Mampilly is seeking to do just that, yet in a manner which does not include taking money from one another. No, his strategy is based on giving sound advice to main street America about investment opportunities. For Paul Mampilly, this is an opportunity to grow a second career after building his first one as a successful portfolio manager that awarded him with Wall Street Fame. His new venture is to write a newsletter published by Banyan Hill and sent out to everyday individuals wanting to take a shot at Wall Street.

Paul Mampilly’s life started in India, not the most common places where Wall Streets giants are born, however, with the decision of his father to be educated and eventually move to a new oil-rich Dubai, Paul Mampilly was able because of this to earn a Bachelors and Masters in Business administration. After his studies, Paul Mampilly would go on to obtain the position of the assistant portfolio manager and soon after an actual portfolio manager with Bankers Trust. His detail work on projects and investments on little-known companies such as Netflix and Facebook allowed him to move up the ranks of Wall Street and be appointed to overwatch large investments such as Sears and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

As many do, Wall Street would take a toll on, Wanting to relax and spend time with his family, Paul would retire from Wall Street in 2016. He wasted no time in building his second career as senior editor of Banyan hill Publishing. Not wanting to go back to Wall Street due to the fact that most of the wealth was not being spread to the main street, he would decide to aim his expertise in helping Main Street America in hopes that they too can be included in the wealth of Wall Street.

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How Shervin Pishevar Demonstrated a Poor Speed of Execution

Shervin Pishevar is a well-respected entrepreneur and investor. In a recent conversation that he held on Twitter, containing 50 tweets in the span of 24 hours, he talked about the state of the United States. One of the topics that he focused on was the poor speed of execution within the country.

To give an example of what a poor speed of execution looks like, he used building a train station. China made the news recently because they were able to build an entire station in nine hours. This is because they used forward thinking as well as a significant amount of man-hours.

The reason that he brings this up is that the United States would never be able to build a train station this quickly. Much of it has to do with an older way of thinking. There are not enough progressive thinkers in charge. Too many businesses get used to status quo. They are using an antiquated infrastructure that simply doesn’t work in today’s day and age.

Shervin Pishevar urges businesses to think about their infrastructure and look at making changes. When there is a poor speed of execution, it makes it difficult for the United States to compete adequately with other countries. This can also lead to economic problems.

Shervin Pishevar covered various aspects of the economy as well as how the United States has fallen behind in terms of entrepreneurship. Silicon Valley isn’t what it used to be.

The tweets that Shervin Pishevar sent out has gotten a significant amount of attention. He has tens of thousands of followers and many have retweeted his comments. This ensures that more people start thinking about their infrastructure and how it impacts the speed of execution.

As Shervin Pishevar continues to speak out on topics, it allows people to think about how to make positive changes within their business, which, in turn, will impact the United States for the better.

End Citizens United: Beto’s blue wave

Is the blue wave picking up momentum? It is no secret that these 2018 midterms have become a challenge to the GOP, particularly the intense campaign for the Senate going on in Texas between incumbent Ted Cruz and Democratic challenger Beto Or’Rourke. 34 seats have now gone to the Democrats, so having to put their attention on a state that should not even be at play paints a grim picture for the GOP this November.

In a recent poll conducted by End Citizens United has Beto closing in on Ted Cruz. Although the numbers are strong the battle is still far from over. Beto is an endorsed candidate by End Citizens United as he has pledged and kept his promise to not accept any PAC money. End Citizens United is an organization set on decreasing the influx of PAC money coming in from corporations. A response to the Supreme court ruling on January 21st, 2010 that allowed corporations to freely donate to campaigns while keeping themselves anonymous. Read more news about the group on USA Today

End Citizens United has not been the only organization to conduct these polls, the University of Texas concluded that Beto is only trailing Cruz by 5 points, which is the margin of error in most polls. Why though is Texas at risk of turning blue? A combination of factors come in to play when determining why Beto has risen in the polls despite 61% of Texans having no opinion on him due to him being so unknown. One is that Ted Cruz himself has gotten in his way, the GOP Senator frequently shows that his interests are more important than the citizens of Texas. He left Texas for his first years of a Senator to run for president, then he forced a government shutdown which put many Texans out of work. His unlikability and not a blue wave might be what ultimately turns Texas Blue.

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Freedom Checks Help People Gain Freedom

In an attempt to create a country where there is no relying on others for energy, there is investors willing to help make that possible by taking part in Freedom Checks. If you have not heard what they are by now, you should know that if you are interested in earning an income long term that can help you set up for financial Independence no matter how old you are or what your actual job is, you will find that Freedom Checks is going to help you reach your goal.

The idea of this service came about from a man who has spent a good portion of the last 2 decades learning about mining, energy and even agricultural sectors. He graduated from Duke University and attended the University of North Carolina where he went on to teach students about geology. He carries a hands-on approach to doing things. He lived in Iraq to Singapore to New Guinea.

Matt Badiali has a number of personal friends who are CEO’s of top mining companies and uses those connections to be able to help others with their investments. It was then that the idea of Freedom Checks came about.

The term of Freedom Checks came about during the firms organizing and processing of the natural resources here in the United States. While it applies to the production, storage and transportation of the natural resources, it spends a good amount of time focused on gas and oil.

There has been a decrease in the amount of oil that is being imported into the US from the Middle East. There has been an increase in the amount of gas and oil here that is now being produced. It is because of these factors that there is money to be made back from investments into gas and oil. These returns will make you money for years to follow. That is why these checks are so easy to invest in.

The Checks that will start being paid out resulted in a payout of up to 35 billion dollars. That is a lot of money being made back by the investors in Freedom Checks. With that kind of money, you can be set up for life if you invest more of it properly.

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The Chainsmokers Living The Good Life Following Success Of Latest Singles

2018 Started out as a good year for The Chainsmokers. They had released new music and attended music awards where they brought home big awards for the music they created and they even landed a job playing in Las Vegas as DJ’s.

For the Chainsmokers, the latest single “Sick Boy” has turned up a whole new side of the group. They had been pretty regular on the music they were releasing and when it came to recording something that they wanted to be remembered by, they wanted to make sure that it was something worth waiting for. The duo went into the works of establishing new ideas and using those ideas to create new music.

Up until 2018, the duo had been recording songs and releasing them one right after another. There was no down time for the duo. When it came time to record their latest works of art, they wanted to be sure that it was the best they could do. That is why they waited for nearly 8 months before the song was released.

In the history of the Chainsmokers, they have been known to turn the heat up by following a pattern of guesswork for their fans. In one particular case, the fan base had heard rumors swirling around about the Chainsmokers working alongside of Coldplay for a new single or track. Neither party had acknowledged the rumor as true or false. It wasnt until the night of the Britain Music Awards that the truth came out and the song was released. The song then went on to being placed on Youtube and quickly earned more than 9 million views, all within a days time.

The Chainsmokers were quick to knock down the prior record holder which just so happened to have been Justin Beiber. The previous record had been just over 8 million views in a 24 hour period. Both videos that did well at views happened to have been lyric videos.

The Chainsmokers never imagined that their lives would end up as successful as they are right now. Recording singles with top recording artists, living the good life in Las Vegas as paid DJ’s and number one selling singles. All of that is a success that most artists wait years for.

David McDonald’s Mission to Improve Sustainability for OSI Group

David McDonald, the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Group has been on a mission to improve sustainability for the company. Their value-added products like sandwiches, pizza, and meat products like hamburgers, sausage links and other protein rich foods could be joined by a new effort. That effort is to bridge the gap on sustainability for OSI Group.

Some of the big name brands that are served by OSI Group include Starbucks, Subway, Papa John’s, McDonald’s, and many others. Although Starbucks has always held an interest in sustainability and relevant issues like fair trade, OSI Group has long been known as the largest producer of poultry in the country. David McDonald has remained focused on making improvements that will impact the company all around the world. One of those improvements was expanding their poultry production in China.

Processing and production are two of the most important aspects of what OSI Group does. Now that David McDonald is taking a closer look at how their entire process impacts the world, it’s going to make even bigger strides. Additionally, launching a beef processing facility in Poland is also a great way for the company to expand their efforts. OSI Group has always gone above and beyond, but now they want to take it one step further.

David McDonald is now on the Board of Directors for OSI Group, and he is also on the board for the North American Meat Institute. This is a good position for him as he continues to focus on sustainability. This means that he can review all the processes of every aspect of what his company is doing and the companies around him.

OSI Group is working tirelessly to continue to raise the bar in meat processing, but they are also going to find more ways to maintain their momentum. Additionally, the company’s goal is to focus on using natural resources more, and find new ways to do so without a negative impact on the environment.

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Boraie Development: Building The Aspire

The city of New Brunswick is currently experiencing tremendous changes after Boraie Development signed a partnership with the city government. The collaboration with the two parties states that Boraie Development will be transforming the city’s skyline by constructing a lot of skyscrapers. The city government also sees this as a chance to encourage investors around the world to invest in the city. New Brunswick is one of the cities being transformed by Boraie Development. The city of Newark and Atlantic City are currently going under a major renovation, and the company is building a lot of residential and commercial complexes in the downtown areas of the cities involved. According to the management of Boraie Development, they are planning to transform these cities so that their economy could experience a rebirth. New Brunswick, for example, had a stagnant economic growth after the industrialization period ended. Many people who once lived in New Brunswick has transferred to other cities that offer a lot of opportunities.



One of the first projects completed by Boraie Development in New Brunswick would be The Aspire, which is a residential complex that houses high-quality apartment units. Omar Boraie stated that the design of the apartment complex would surely encourage the younger generation to move to New Brunswick, and he is excited to see how this project would affect the demographics of the city. He also revealed that Numerous construction projects under their supervision would follow the Aspire, and he could see that the skyline of the city will greatly change after the construction has ended. Check out




Many people who are working in New Brunswick have expressed their excitement regarding the plans of Boraie Development for the city. They are hoping that more companies would establish their business in the city so that a lot of jobs will be generated. Each apartment unit at The Aspire has its HVAC system, terrace or balcony, and other facilities that would benefit the residents like a gym and a fitness center. Security guards are also placed around the property to protect the dwellers from outside elements. Each unit is also fully furnished with appliances from GE, and these can be used immediately after the tenants have transferred. You can visit




The Aspire, located conveniently near the downtown, has attracted a huge number of people who wanted to purchase a unit. They stated that living in The Aspire would bring in a lot of advantages, and they commended the company for making it happen.


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Betsy Devos: Charter School Advocate

Appearances can be deceiving. Many opponents of Betsy DeVos have discovered just how true that can be. At first glance, Ms. DeVos appears to be a soft-spoken and impeccably groomed lady who is generous to a fault. Less obvious is the fact that she’s passionate about her work and her commitment to providing a quality education for all students, and she is fearless and aggressive in the pursuit of those objectives. Those who disagree with her often find themselves on the losing end of the battle.


A native of Holland, Michigan the 59-year-old DeVos believes wholeheartedly in charter schools that are funded through vouchers or a system similar to vouchers. Born to very wealthy parents, Ms. DeVos attended a Christian private school as a child, as did her children, and so may be unfamiliar with the difficulty that the average working-class parents have in providing a quality education for their children. Opponents of charter schools accuse her of wanting to erode the quality of the public school system and drain its resources in order to fund the charter schools. Advocates of charter schools argue that they provide better choices to the working class because they create competition for the public school system, which often provides a very poor education for its students.


Ms. DeVos takes her concept of charter schools a step further than most and advocates that they should be run by a for-profit organization without performance standards to regulate them. She proposes that the free enterprise system will be a better option for maintaining quality schools and providing parents with better options. This was reinforced by her recent trip to a Washington public school where the teachers seemed to lack initiative and instead waited to be told what to do next.


Detroit’s public school system includes one of the highest concentrations of charter schools but their output is among the lowest in the nation. Legislation was introduced last year to close the failing charter schools and establish standards for new ones, but the Great Lakes Education Project, founded by Betsy DeVos, successfully defeated the legislation. She believes the Detroit public school system should be closed. She understands that even the best of public schools in the United States under-perform when compared to schools in other countries. She is criticized for working with rapper Pitbull to develop charter schools in Florida but they are rapidly gaining in popularity.


Ms. DeVos is not in agreement with the spurious “separation of church and state” argument that many of her opponents use against her concept for charter schools.


Although friends indicate that she felt that her Senate confirmation, passed by 51-50 after a tie-breaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence, portrayed her as ignorant, she felt the criticisms lodged against her didn’t merit a response. After her appointment, she immediately attempted to speak with the two leaders of the major teachers’ unions, Ms. Weingarten and Ms. Eskelsen Garcia. Only Ms. Weingarten would speak to her however which Ms. Eskelsen Garcia may regret. Ms. DeVos is quite adept at power politics and has a reputation for getting what she wants.


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Sussex Health Care: Home For The Elderly

This is a certified Health Care Service Delivery unit which was chatter in 2002 by the Health Quality Service (HQS), and the People Standard has heavily invested in it. it has ever since attained an international standard ISO 9000:2000 undertaking a quality management managerial criteria, thus making Sussex Health Care the only private and independent In-house/ Home provider in the UK to have attained dual certification for both HQS and ISO 9000:2000.

Apart from facilitating Health Care services, they also advocate for recreation among their clients providing every home with a full package of the program of undertakings to stimulate, encourage and interest the individuals to get the best out of these facilities.

The Sussex Health Care has a Policy Group which undertakes the managerial duty of the organization. They (the Policy Group) are a bunch of professionals highly experienced and well informed on the administrative task shouldered on them by the organization.

The Sussex Health Care provides homes for the aged. They choose the appropriate homes for the elderly striving to provide a safe, comfortable ecosystem with support and stimulation for each client to attain full health, mental stability, emotional balance, and social capacity. The Sussex Health Care has an academy where they nurture professionals to take good care of these delicately aged clients who demand special attention and treatment and with several complications.

The Sussex Health Care staff is friendly and determined to serve their clients adequately. The warm and homely climate created between them and their clients ensures that the clients continue with their lifestyle with personal confidentiality and dignity. The home is fully furnished with recreation areas with good signposts, all for the benefit of the older adults who are disadvantaged differently.

Sussex Health Care provides 31 places for their clients who have dementia and Alzheimer’s ailment, a spacious house providing single or shared rooms fitted with special facilities like en-suite bathrooms.

They offer 24 hours surveillance with experienced care staff under strict surveillance of the Registered Home Manager. Experts are there to give guidelines on any aspect of their clients care, recreation needs or the environment which best suits them.