10 Stress-Reducing Party Planning Tips From the Experts

Planning a party can be a stressful job, but it needs to get done. There are event planners in NYC who handle the job duties on a regular basis, and understand just how tough it can be to manage. With these 10 stress-reducing party planning tips, anyone can get their party planned in no time.

Keeping organized is not just a tip, it is a necessity.

1. It is important to keep three separate lists during the planning process. The recommendation from event planning companies in NYC is to keep a master list of duties, a shopping list, and a guest list.

2. The guest list cannot just include a list of names. There should be full contact details provided so it is easier to send out invites.

3. Mailing out invitations is the best way to go. It shows people that a great deal of thought was put into the event, and appears more formal.

4. Sticking with a theme also helps keep things organized. It ensures all food, decorations, and attire is thought of to ensure it sticks with the theme in place.

5. A special kids table should be included. It will keep children occupied while adults mingle.

6. Settings should be simple. There is no need for extravagant offerings.

Food and Drink
The food and drinks offered at a party require careful consideration.

7. A self-serve drink station is ideal. It allows people to choose the drink they desire without having to wait to be served.

8. It is wise to come up with a specialty drink. Whether it is a created cocktail, or simply a drink served in a unique glass, the drink will be memorable.

9. An event planning company in NYC responsible for the menu typically suggests serving simple appetizers. It keeps guests mingling.

10. Food favors are typically offered at an event. Mints or candies work well.

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