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FreedomPop Goes All in On More Free Services

FreedomPop is the least expensive cell phone service in the world, and it is helping people make sure that they are able to save money on all their plans. FreedomPop has three plans that range from free to a 2 GB plan. They are now releasing a plan in Spain that whonas reported by Mobile World Live, and the plan is going to include a great new app. WhatsApp is going to be on every phone, but that is only the beginning of the way the phones are going to be more functional than other phones.

WhatsApp is going to be included on every phone, and people who are using WhatsApp on the FreedomPop phones are going to use it for free. All the data and minutes that are used on WhatsApp are not going to count towards what people use every month, and it is going to help these people save the precious minutes and data they have. FreedomPop is on a sliding scale, but there are people who cannot afford to keep paying more for more data and minutes. This makes it easy for these people to stay within the boundaries of their plan, and it is going to help them get all their friends and family connected using the same app.

WhatsApp has done the right thing by making sure that they are partnered with the people at FreedomPop, and it is more free advertising for both companies. FreedomPop is going to help people save their data, and they are going to be a destination for people who know they can just sign up for WhatsApp to get what they need.

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FreedomPop Gives The Spanish Free WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service in the world today, and it also lets people make phone calls with their app. Mobile World Live is saying that FreedomPop is going to have WhatsApp loaded on all its phones, and the service is going to be free to everyone on the FreedomPop network. No one will have to watch their data when they are using WhatsApp, and no one will have to worry about their minutes.

People who are on the WhatsApp app will be able to talk to each other no matter how much data they use, and people who are on the WhatsApp app will be able to use it on any FreedomPop phone across Spain just because it is there. People have to sign up to use WhatsApp when they get their phones, or they can get started by making sure that they sign in with the account they already have. The phone knows that it is using WhatsApp for free, and the data used for the app is not counted.

Someone who wants to spend less money on a phone can go with FreedomPop because it is so cheap or even free, and then they can switch over to WhatsApp to make sure that they have the best chance of getting the talk time they need without paying for it. There are a lot of people who are trying to save money, and they can trust in FreedomPop. Their company is trying to make it as easy for people to talk as possible, and now they are introducing WhatsApp to make it even easier for people to save money. They can get the free plan, and they can use WhatsApp exclusively. Any other plans pay for more data and talk time, but WhatsApp is still there to use.

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Bob Reina Introduces New Program

Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company. Reina got the idea for the company when he was trying to put a video into an email to some friends. Reina did not want to attach the video as a file, instead he wanted to embed the video so that his friends could just click play without having to open a video player. He could not get it to work. He even tried calling his email provider for assistance. All they were able to tell him was that it could not be done. Reina did not want to give up. He called a friend who worked in the information technology industry. They sat down and figured out how to embed a video in an email. When they finally finished, Reina realized that there were probably other people in the world who would like to do the same thing. And, he thought, maybe they would like to do other things with videos. And then Reina realized that this could be a very useful marketing tool for many businesses. It was at this point that Reina decided to start Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion has seen lots of success and they are expecting much more after an announcement that PR Newswire recently featured. The company will now be offering a 30 day free trial to potential customers. Reina, and others in his corporate office, realized that since their products are so good, they will sell themselves. They knew if they let businesses use their products for free, they would see the value in them, and then buy them. The article explained that charities, businesses and individuals alike can all sign up for the free trial. The convenient aspect of signing up is that all it requires is a name and email. It will not ask for any credit card or payment information. After signing up, trial users will have 30 days of full access to their tools for video chat, sign up forms, live meetings, video newsletters and their infamous video email system.

George Soros Offers his Opinion and Contributions on Current European Asylum Policy

George Soros has expressed his dissatisfaction with the newly agreed asylum policy on that has been proposed and agreed by Turkey and imposed on other European Union countries by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. George Soros claims that for one, the asylum policy is not actually European but rather was instigated by Turkey. Secondly, the policy is not adequately funded. Thirdly, it has imposed quotas on member states hence it is not really voluntary. Lastly, Greece has been given the heavy burden of temporarily accommodating the large numbers of refugees coming in from the war-torn Middle East.

Changes that Soros Seeks to Make on the Asylum Policy

With the many deficiencies accredited to the Policy, the European Commission announced plans to make reforms to the policy. Below are the contributions of George Soros.

Given the desperate state of all the asylum seekers, legitimate ones should be allowed a chance to reach their preferred destinations. EU leaders should accept that refugees are actually here to stay and should instead arrange for financing to cater for them. This allows such countries to avert an impending crisis.

With the proper asylum system in place on, all asylum seekers should be well settled in member states. Children need to be placed in schools while other professionals should be properly phased in their respective fields as well. Additionally, all countries hosting refugees need to be adequately supported financially to allow them settle all refugees comfortably.

A system of settling refugees in different states needs to be implemented. Once one starts the process, they will be placed in one country and their settlement will be facilitated all through.

Around Û30 billion needs to be set aside annually for resettlement of refugees. The money can easily be raised by one of the many options available to the European Union for example borrowing funds using its triple-A credit history, Balance of Payment Assistance Facility or even the EFSM.

Finally, a positive political will needs to be cultivated among all the European Union member states. This will fast track an amicable solution that will avert an impending refugee crisis.

A Look at George Soros’ Life and Achievements

George Soros is a widely successful investor and Philanthropist who is currently ranked by Forbes as one of the richest men in America. With a net worth of 24.9 Billion dollars, it is easy to know why. He was born in Budapest, Hungary and holds Hungarian and American citizenship. He attended London School of Economics in 1947. He was lucky to study under Karl Popper, a well know philosopher, who greatly influenced him. In fact, George Soros borrowed the Open Society Foundation philosophy from Popper.

Before starting his own hedge fund, Soros worked for F.M. Mayer, Wertheim and Co as well as Arnhold and S. Blechroeder. He founded Soros Fund Management in 1970 and grew it into a premier and hugely successful firm. Soros is also an avid and passionate philanthropist. He has given a lot of donations and grants, worth billions, through his charity organization called Open Society Foundation.

Doe Deere Eyed Beauty

The doe-eyed Russian beauty Doe Deere is known to be the “queen of unicorns” and the creator of the uprising makeup brand called Lime Crime. After coming to America, Doe began her entrepreneurship in New York. Her imaginative and ambitious spirit pushed her to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician. Doe lived in Manhattan for half her life but calls Brooklyn her stomping grounds because she spent most her time there and it is also where she established her band. Her life in Brooklyn is also a memory she shares with her husband who was also in the band. They worked very well together, as songwriters and musicians, they shared the same passion for music so finding a balance between work and life came very easy for them. Deere has always had an entrepreneurial attitude. At the age of 13, she started a tattoo business and sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. She started by advertising the artwork on her body and making it appear fashionable until her classmates also wanted the tattoos. As a child, she was always into bright colors and art and she would constantly color on herself.

Above all, she acknowledges how being a musician taught her how to be humble and appreciate when people came out to her events or supported her music. However, Doe Deere found a new passion in life which is makeup. In 2004, the fashion and makeup industry was centered around a natural look with nude colors but Doe, standing out among the rest of the world, gravitated toward vibrant and eccentric colors. From her uniqueness, Lime Crime was born. The named came to her when she was trying to launch her online store. Lime is her favorite color and living life on the wild side, she decided the name Lime Crime was going to bring her success and it did. Doe advises people that aspire to be like her to follow their hearts.

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Have you ever wondered how you can invest the right amount of money, without getting too consumed over the StopBrokerFraud listed high-risk factors? Well, it’s actually quite easy. It all starts with who you go to for financial advice. Investing your money with the right investment firm can make all the difference.
Which is what brings us precisely to the reason behind this article. Today we are speaking with a staff member from Laidlaw. Steven has worked with the company for over ten years. Just like the firm itself, Steven lives in the heart of the U.K. He has seen it all, both personally and at work.

Which is why he is here today. He wants to help advise and/or suggest some helpful tips for those who are thinking of getting involved with Laidlaw and Company.

“The first thing clients need to keep in mind is their thought process. Financial investing has to be approached with an open mind. The biggest issue that people have is with who they get involved with investment-wise. Sometimes the whole “low threshold for risky choices” is just an excuse for some not to take the next step. It becomes the block that keeps some of our clients from achieving their goals. Our goal is to alleviate this feeling. If our clients feel safe with us, than all the other fears tend to fall away in time”.

“We will sit down with each person. Find out where each client stands and where their goals lie. We will take the time to explore everything. As fears and concerns come up, we will focus on getting them to fall away through understanding. This is not something you will get from other firms.


This, my friends, is the first step towards investing the right amount of money, without getting consumed with all the high-risks factors. If you are looking to get over your own personal hurdles, than please take a moment and visit the Laidlaw official page.

Protecting Wealth by Utilizing Gold

People are always looking for the next best investment, and while there are a ton of options out there that can increase a persons money, without question one of the safest investments is in gold. This is specifically true if you follow the price of gold and can tell when it is going to go up in value. The biggest thing that makes gold a great investment is that it is an actual physical object, which is considered valuable in every culture, which means that it is going to retain its value no matter what.

The Gold News Network says of the US Money Reserve as it means that gold is a solid investment, because nothing can happen to it to make its value go away, except for the fact that the overall price per ounce may fluctuate. Any monetary system can crumble or significantly drop in value, as has happened a massive amount of times in history.

This means that you can have millions of dollars, but if something happens to the worth of the dollar, or any other type of money system that is being used, that value could dissipate or even disappear. It is a flat out smart investment because of this, and in fact, many monetary systems around the world back up their paper money systems with gold and other precious metals and stones.

An AustinChamber report has it that the US Money Reserve says that gold is one of the last few recession proof currencies, and that it is one of the best ways of safeguarding wealth. Backing up your cash and other assets with gold is an amazing way to protect your wealth, as there is no debating the fact that gold is going to retain its wealth as a solid form of currency.

Even if you do have your assets and money spread out, it is incredibly smart to stash away a decent portion in gold, just in case. If you want to purchase gold, you can buy bricks of gold, as well as different gold pieces and coins from places such as the US Money Reserve.

If you time it right, you can even make quite a bit of money by purchasing gold when it is cheaper to buy per ounce, which happens periodically.

New York Attorney Hosts Fundraiser for Animals

Important world issues regularly go unnoticed. More importantly is the fact that those without a voice rarely have anyone that will step up to the plate and speak for them. People love their animals, but what about those animals who do not have anybody to love them, a warm home to sleep in, or enough food to eat? Well, that’s when courageous advocates with strong ties to the community step in to do their part.

Ross Martin Abelow is an attorney in New York, New York. Abelow made the first step in his legal journey by attending college at the state University of New York. Upon completion of his undergrad, he attended the Brooklyn School of Law and graduated in 1989. Since 1990, he’s practiced law and truly used his legal powers for good by serving families and, as of recently, animals.

On January 13, 2016, Abelow decided it was time for the community to recognize the importance of decreasing the population of homeless animals. He set a goal of $5,000 which, once reached, will go directly to animal shelters to abate the cost of animal food, warm blankets, electricity, and medicine. On January 21 of this year, he launched his Gofundme page in an attempt to earn and surpass this goal, raise awareness, and decrease the homeless animal population in the city.

While Ross Abelow describes his most successful accomplishment as an attorney so far as being his partnership with Abelow and Cassandro, Llp, the accreditation associated with this fundraiser should definitely be a close second.

As this winter fundraiser created by longtime attorney has yet to reach its goal, it is continuously raising awareness of this issue by simply existing. This is an issue that has gone unnoticed for far too long and Abelow fully intends on reaching this goal, surpassing it, and continuing to serve the community he has called home for so long.

Why Choose CCMP Capital For Investment Advice

Are you researching investment opportunities and need professional guidance? Perhaps you want to get into the private equity investment field and need expert investment advice. Many people consult with the experts at CCMP Capital for all their investment and financial management needs.

If you are on the lookout for a trusted company to help you attain success in the private equity arena, get in touch with CCMP Capital – a renowned private equity investment firm. As a well established firm with a high success rate, CCMP Capital has helped numerous clients around the world, achieve the success they desire.

CCMP Capital is based in New York and has a team of well qualified investment and financial advisors. The company renders services to individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations and is a top rated firm in the investment field. CCMP Capital has been in business for many years and clients are always raving about the tremendous help and expert advice they have receive from their advisors at this company.

Choosing the best money management firm or investment professional can be a challenging task if you do not know where to look. In fact, with CCMP Capital you do not have to fret because you will have access to some of the best financial advisors and investment experts in the industry. CCMP Capital makes it a top priority to ensure that their clients are ecstatic with the quality of service they receive and the level of success they achieve.

With so many different firm and professionals in the financial management and investment field, the task of choosing a reliable firm can be time consuming and confusing. Luckily, CCMP Capital is ready to simplify the process and enable you to get the services you need for success. That way you avoid the confusion and frustration of searching all over the Internet for a trusted firm.

CCMP Capital began business in 2006, and throughout the years the company has continued to implement successful investment strategies. Visit the website of CCMP Capital and check out the services and investment solutions they provide.

Steve Murray worked with CCMP Capital for many years. He was President and Chief Executive Officer and dedicated tremendous amount of effort and time to ensuring the success of the company. Stephen was an expert in private equity investments and he specialized in buyouts and growth equity deals. Steve Murray was a nice person and caring professional. His clients and peers praised him for his excellent and hard work.

Helane Morrison Is All About Honest Business

Helane Morrison is making waves in the corporate world of business. In the corporate world, it is often extremely difficult and sometimes truly impossible to find someone with honesty and integrity who will keep to the rules his or her entire lifetime. However, Helane Morrison has been doing exactly that, and she has been doing it for the past thirty years. Her entire lifetime she has dedicated herself to make sure that integrity is upheld in the workplace and in the world of corporate business. She has worked to expose fraudulent people and make sure that the underdog is always protected. 

The truth is that it all started in 2007 and 2008, when the stock market crashed. At that time, widespread corruption was exposed in Wall Street and in the world of business. False documents and audit claims all led to people losing their trust in Wall Street, and as a result, the stock market crashed, homes were foreclosed, and the economy went through its most trying time since the Great Depression in 1939. The truth is that people still do not have any trust in the economy. In a poll conducted by NBC, it was found that only twenty-eight percent of people living in the United States actually believe that the economy in this country is on the right track. 

That is where compliance officers come into the picture. Helane Morrison is one such compliance officer, and she dedicates herself to making sure that nobody is cheating on the job. 

Ms. Helane Morrison is a well accomplished woman. She achieved a degree in journalism in Northwestern University, Illinois. She then studied in the University of California Berkeley School of Law. 

She also has extensive experience in the world of law. She started out as a law clerk for the US Court of Appeals on the 7th circuit. She then went on to work for US Supreme Court Judge Harry A. Blackmun. 

She then went on to open up her own private practice where she had tremendous success. Before long, her amazing abilities were noticed by the government and she was given a position at the San Francisco office of the US Security and Exchange Commission. Eventually, she moved on to become a compliance officer.

Learn more about Helane by connecting with her through her Crunchbase or her LinkedIn profile here >>