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Securus Technologies Enabling Easy Communication

Securus Technologies is a leader when it comes to providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Securus America Technologies ( provide solutions for public safety, correction, investigation, and monitoring. Securus Technologies announced the successful user adoption of the company’s mobile application for inmates’ video phone calls.

The Android app as confirmed by PR Newswire, since it was launched has received over 60,000 downloads while the Apple device received 5,000 downloads after a week of being launched.

The Securus Video Visit mobile application is a representation of the how the company serve and connect. People will now be able to link with each other in a much easier and convenient way with their incarcerated friends or families. This app gives families and friend a much easy way to connect with their relatives and friends. In the past one was limited to the option of a phone call or physically visiting. The visit to the prison and jail will now be easy and convenient to all.

The app will be free, and it gives families a chance to connect with their loved once especially on special occasions. To download the Securus Video Visit app visit the Google Play store for Android and App Store for Apple. Also a Youtube video tutorial on Securus can be watched.

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas and it serves more than three thousand public safety correction and law enforcement facilities.

Securus Technologies is dedicated to serving and connect by providing emergency response, public information, incident management, communication, information management, inmate self-service, investigation, biometric analysis, and monitoring products and services to make the world we live in safer for everyone.

Securus Technologies gives a public safety solution that is designed to help law enforcers collect, visualize, consolidate, store and distribute information quick to enable critical information for emergency response

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Investors Should Care What George Soros Is Doing With His Money

As at the last quarter, George Soros, a legendary investor, sold 37% of his stocks holding and bought more gold stocks. When investors such as Soros make such move their action, need to be considered precisely. Soros has made his $24 billion fortune over the last few decades from his speculations on markets trends.

Soros is concerned over global economy, earlier this year, he warned against China economy slump saying that it reminds him 2008 global financial crises according to Soros is not alone, other prominent investors such as Stan Druckenmiller has expressed the same concerns.

The Hungarian –American investors, is the chair of Soros Fund Management, which he created after closing his hedge fund. On average, it generated 30% annual returns on investment. George Soros is known in global platforms as “The Man, Who Broke the Bank of England”, this came after he shorted $10 billion against British Pound in 1992. His speculation was entirely right, and he made $1 billion from a single day trade (1992 UK Black Wednesday).

Soros, 85, is also an active philanthropist. In response to the financial blessing he has received over the years, he supports American Liberal and progressive causes. George Soros has also donated more than $11 billion to broad range community initiatives over the years. Moreover, he will never be forgotten for his significant role in Eastern Europe peaceful transition from communism to capitalism.

History has shown us that leaders with proven track of success leave a wake of success and from an investment point of view, George Sore perfectly fits the bill. Thus, investors should care what Soros is doing with his money.

George Soros move has been replicated by Glenview Capital Management, a global hedge fund led by investment guru, Larry Robbins. The firm has cut its stock holding by 22 percent to 13.6 billion in the last quarter. Besides, Phil Davis, the CEO of PSW investment also echoed Soros moves, and he said that they are on the same page with Soros. Further, he explained gold is a sensible hedge, not just due to anticipated decline on the Dollar, but also due to the expected decline of other global currencies.
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Considering banks are moving toward negative interest, gold and gold stocks become direct beneficiaries of “risk-off” environment. In 2016, gold emerged as one of the strongest performing markets, while gold stock continues to be among the top performing sectors on the Wall Street. Within the first three months of the year, gold for immediate delivery has experienced 16 percent jump. This comes as the biggest quarterly surge since 1986.

Achievements Of Stephen Murray In Equity Investments

Stephen Murray was an American top-notch investor and the former principal of CCMP Capital. Murray Stephen, who was mostly known as ”Steve”, supervised all individual operations of CCMP Capital, a privately owned company that primarily concentrates on the growth of equity transactions and hedge funds. In his era as the chief executive of this endeavor, Mr. Murray recorded huge returns from his investment plans.

Stephen Murray was a humanitarian who worked to achieve a sustainable environment. He was the leading contributor in the business school of Columbia and the Boston College. Also, he chaired the board at Boston College and other foundations established to provide affordable education to the youth.

Stephen Murray was a degree holder in Economics and Business Administration master’s degree. Murray started his early job career at the Hanover Company, where he served as a credit analyst. Murray was a man of diverse specifications as he was qualified to work in many sectors. Stephen Murray worked in Hannover Corporation for five years, where he left significant advancements in the company.

Investor Murray later joined MH Equity Company, where he used to work for two years. He had an excellent team work skills and association with other job colleagues. Murray mainly dealt with buyouts and the growth of private equities. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

In 2005, JP Morgan Ventures named Steve Murray as the next president of buyouts and growth department, where he started working in the company the same year. In JP Morgan Ventures, entrepreneur Stephen Murray displayed lots of expertise in private equities and buyouts.

In his entire career, Murray fitted in any new position and rendered quality services. Being the head of JP Morgan Partners, Murray saw the need of expanding the business undertakings to maximize on profits.

After one year, Murray founded the CCMP Capital, which mostly dealt with the same kind of services offered by JP Morgan Partners but at an advanced level. Read more: A History of CCMP Capital And Its Founding CEO Stephen Murray

Last year, CCMP Capital managed to raise a fund amounting to $3.6 billion dollars. Unfortunately, the untimely death of Stephen Murray left the company’s workers in grief. Read more: Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital

Murray will forever remain a legend in the business sector due to his contributions towards a stable economy. CCMP Capital investment plans mostly target health care and specialized industrial companies.

Blogger Takes A Stab at Wen By Chaz

As a hair stylist I meet women every day who are dying to learn the rules behind great hair care. As a stylist I recognize that everyone has different types of hair and that what works for one person’s hair is not necessarily destined to work for someone else’s hair. There is no technique some stuff works really well and quite frankly I’ve seen some stuff work really bad. I take pride in the products I choose to use on my client’s hair so if I haven’t seen it work before I tend to stray away from it. In recent weeks I have heard alot about WEN By Chaz ( and recently I had the opportunity to learn more about it myself.
I am a faithful reader of Bustle and recently a blogger took readers through her hair journey as she gave Wen By Chaz chance. Instead Wen By Chaz Dean gives you all you need in one bottle. This blogger gave insight like never before and to my disbelief the product transformed her hair from night to day.

For Thin, Fine, and Disastrous hair; Use WEN Conditioner for Shiny and Bouncy Hair

Have you heard about Informercials Conditioners from WEN by Chaz Dean product line? It is a magic bottle on hair that every woman would like to familiarize herself with. When well formulated it will give bouncy, shiny and moist hair. I know you would like to be one of those gorgeous women who have luscious and worthy strands, try cleansing your hair using Wen Hair conditioners and finally you will like the outcome. WEN conditioners promise the outcome to tremendous wonderful when you clean using the recommended criteria.

WEN by Chaz Dean ( offers products that come with the necessary products that you would move around buying for additional. Informercials conditioner comes with all products that are needed for complete cleaning.

It is important for you to apply the amount of recommended pumps of shampoo without ignoring it is too much for short or thin air but just apply has per the recommendation. Finally, you will find WEN conditioner worthy using to have that bouncy, shiny and moisture in your hair.

WEN Hair is a company owner by Chaz Dean. Chaz purchased a salon in the year 1993 in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles and later relocated to a Cool and pleasant location in Hollywood. Chaz through his experience in developing product lines for some companies attracted a pool of roster celebrities who became his customers. Having relocated the Salon from Los Angeles, Chaz renamed his salon as Chaz Dean Studio and it was situated in a tranquil oasis where his client would relax as they completely transform their look.

Chaz enrolled in several commercial photography course before joining Cosmetology school where he studied hair care and specialized into hair cutting and Coloring.