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Wen by Chaz: The Best Hair Care Product

To condition your hair or not to, to oil it or not to, when it comes to hair care, different people will give you different types of advice. Some will advise you to “oil your hair” while your hairdresser will recommend the latest IT “hair spa, Moroccan oil, or products that strengthen your hair and not rebound it”.

Learning how to strengthen your hair is not a difficult task as long as you can spot the signs on time and attend to them immediately. These signs are such as extreme dryness, split ends, and excessive oiliness. Though it could also be genetic, it could be as a result of other factors such as:

  • Excessive air conditioning and shampooing
  • Extreme heat from hair styling tools
  • Use of contraceptives and childbirth
  • Hair-care diet

Besides eating healthy, you can also take care of your hair by using strengthening products such as anti-breakage, renewal styling, shampoo, and conditioners products. These products should contain ingredients that infuse proteins, and amino acids. You should, however, avoid hair products that dry out your hair completely. Use shampoos and conditioners that penetrate deep into your scalp and moisturize it by hydrating your hair roots and follicles. You can also enrich your hair by conditioning it using protein mask.

Wen by Chaz hair care is a revolutionary concept used to cleanse and strengthen your hair. It is a healthy alternative for people who prefer using natural hair products to style their hair. Wen by Chaz hair care eradicates the use of shampoo and harsh hair care detergents.

With this hair QVC advertised product, you no longer need to purchase shampoos or leave-in conditioners since it encompasses five different ingredients in one. Wen hair products are good for curly, bristly and super thick hair. When choosing hair products especially remedies for damaged hair, it is important to know about the contents of the hair care product so as to avoid future disappointments. Check out the Wen Facebook page, and subscribe here:


InnovaCare Health And Its Stance On Current Issues

InnovaCare Health is a leader in the health care field, as it provides Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans through two Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico. They are PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare.

Currently, membership includes almost 200,000 individuals and families who are served by a network of over 7,500 different providers on Two Medicaid plans are also offered which are operating through the Puerto Rico Government Health Plan.

These two plans of InnovaCare Health work through MSO of Puerto Rico with the mission of offering extensive service to the whole of the provider networks of professional medical personnel in Puerto Rico. The focus is on the optimization from an operations standpoint as an effort to maximize the effectiveness of quality delivery of services to patients. Administrative support and ongoing communication resources are the tools used to provide workable solutions for any problems that arise.

InnovaCare Health has recently hired new healthcare executives onto the leadership team of the company. Two of these individuals have an extensive background in working with Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Newly appointed Chief Administrative Officer is Penelope Kokkinides, who has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare space. She specializes in the managed care industry, specifically as to how these programs integrate with Medicaid and Medicare.

Penelope has a vast amount of experience in her prior work experience in regard to the development of clinical programs and the in the management of processes and operations of delivery of healthcare to the ultimate consumer.

Named as Chief Accounting Officer is Mike Sortino. He previously worked for Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance as their controller. Mike has over 20 productive years in the reinsurance and insurance industries, and five years of experience in public accounting.

Jonathan Myers is the company’s new Actuary Officer. He worked for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Sheild prior to coming to InnovaCare Health as their director of actuarial services. Jonathan was also the chief actuary for Heritage Medical Systems prior to his Blue Cross Blue Shield experience.

InnovaCare President and CEO, Rick Shinto states that each of these individuals brings a rich slate of practical experience and the professionalism that is critical to the future of InnovaCare.

With the ever-present and unpredictable changes that occur in the healthcare industry, the extensive background of each of these individuals are vital. The assurance that the complex issues that can occur in this field relating to the entire process of health care delivery will be solved.

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Securus Technologies Moving Forward With Optimism

One of the tragic realities of a person’s life is getting locked up in prison. The American criminal justice system is a vast jungle of insane regulation and disenfranchised minorities. Securus Technologies wants to help the most vulnerable find the hope and encouragement they need in their dark situation. Recent data indicates that minorities, particularly blacks, are incarcerated longer for committing the same crimes as white people. Securus Technologies deeply regrets this fact, which is why they are so happy to be in the business of helping those affected by the injustice of American justice.


Securus Technologies was recently challenged by GTL over patents. This challenge is hindering innovation and stifling growth. Securus Technologies is happy to offer the public all sorts of new opportunities. When competitors challenge Securus Technologies, they are giving the message that they do not value innovation. Securus Technologies’ products are high quality, and focused on maximizing the return on investment for prisoners and staff. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


One of Securus Technologies’ primary products is the video chat system. The video chat system allows lonely prisoners to communicate with those they care about, and see how they are doing. Securus Technologies is so happy to provide this to those who deeply miss their family. While the industry is fiercely competitive, Securus Technologies remains happy and devoted to all their customers.


Securus Technologies has grown to be a major provider of equipment for prisons. They are based in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies is hoping to see further improvements like its ingenious electronic prison complaint form. The electronic prison complaint form permits prisoners to efficiently log their issues in a way that does not hinder staff’s efforts. The joy that Securus Technologies receives from staff cannot be underestimated. Staff are giving such positive feedback to something that used to take them a long time to do.


Second Largest SEC Whistleblower Award Granted to Labaton Sucharow Client

SEC, Security and Exchange Commission, recently awarded nearly $17 Million to a whistleblower who notified the financial regulation authority regarding illegal investment activities. Interestingly, the client was represented by the popular law firm, Labaton Sucharow LLP, which is known for its ground-breaking initiatives to protect the interest of whistleblowers. The case was handled by Jordan Thomas, who also oversaw numerous successful legal cases in the past. In fact, the reward is the second highest disbursement in the history of whistleblower program since the law was passed, six years earlier.

Experts agree that the success of the case is attributed to the professionalism of Jordan Thomas and his team. Jordan was also among the leading lawmakers who were instrumental in passing the whistleblowing law. Working for Sucharow LLP, his team also represented the first officer of a public company who received the compensation from the whistleblowing program. In fact, Mr. Thomas is also the first lawmaker who successfully charged an employer who retaliated against the whistleblower.

Actually, the whistleblower initiative is an effort of U.S. government to tackle growing irregularities in the financial workplace. To encourage individuals to expose corrupt practices in the financial industry, authorities offer a fixed compensation for the successful indictment in fraudulent cases. The whistleblower reward is between 10 percent and 30 percent of the final compensation received from the accused.

According to Labaton Sucharow LLP, the compensation was given for revealing the illegal practices of a major financial firm in the nation. In this particular case, the whistleblower elected to remain silent. The option to remain anonymous is a privilege of every whistlblower because the SEC does not want whistleblowers to feel insecure when coming forward. Mostly, the insecurity arises from a possible retaliation by the employer against the whistleblower.

Accordingly, Jordan A. Thomas insisted that the reward is ethical and just because his client came forward when others were not coming forward to protect investors from foul play of financial firms. He also reiterated his commitment to continue his work for the whistleblowers because he anticipates that many individuals will come forward in the coming years. It should be noted that Labaton Sucharow LLP is also the first firm in the nation, which caters exclusively to whistleblowers who want to reveal useful information without revealing their identity. In fact, the whistleblower program at the firm provides free consultation to anyone interested in protecting the interest of the society.

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Michael Zomber’s Contribution to the History Channel


Michael Zomber was born of German immigrants in Washington D.C in 1949. His family relocated to New Jersey when he was just a child. Later, they settled in Pennsylvania where he attended school. He would later study at Villanova University, University of Illinois and Oberlin College. He is today the proud holder of several degrees in language and literatures.

Michael Zomber is easily one of the world’s most talented storytellers. Having witnessed the horrors of numerous wars in his earlier life, he decided to use the power of the pen to share his experiences with the world. He has six books and numerous screenplays under his belt. Some of his published books include Son of Kentucky, Jesus and the Samurai and Sweet Betsy That’s Me.

Zomber’s expert insight is perhaps best displayed on The History Channel. In the much acclaimed series aptly named Tales of the Gun, he has contributed widely as a guest historian. The series has titles such as Shotguns, Guns of the Famous, Million Dollar Guns, Automatic Pistols, Dueling Pistols and Guns of the Orient.

On The History Channel, Zomber preserves history by shedding light about his collection of antique arms. He describes some of his most beloved collections and defines the war in which each arm was used. He also states where the arms were efficient or not. Through his writing, readers understand the perspective of the wars in which Zomber’s arms were used.

Michael Zomber shares his thoughts and factual information about notable weapons used by historical figures such as Simone Bolivar and George Washington. Evidently, he mixes his literature wits and vast experience in gun collection to create an impressive portfolio.

Through the series, he has received several commendations and awards. For example, the authority of Japanese samurai swords has severally endorsed him for his role in protection of the Japanese martial arts history.

Apart from writing, Michael Zomber has been collecting vintage guns and armory for nearly 40 years. He is a respectable authority in the world of Japanese Samurai swords. Read more about Zomber, and his passion for history on Citrite.


Are You Considering An Assisted Living Facility For A Loved One?


The Manse on Marsh has been an amazing assisted living facility for years, so it should be no surprise that they’re only getting better. The facility has recently welcomed a new CEO of the facility, as they’re ready to make great changes that will benefit their clients even further. The CEO welcomed on board is named Farron Bernhardt.


He has had years of experience working in other fields and working with people, and he really enjoys the job. The Manse on the Mash has been awarded “Best of 2016” in a competition by the great website.


Anyone who is looking at a great nursing home facility should consider choosing this facility. They have some of the following attributes found on their website:


– Great staff who are well trained in their fields

– An excellent new CEO who has a lot of training improving and bettering other homes for the lives of their clients

– Great facilities for the clients to live in

– Unique approaches to community care


Anyone who would like to set up a tour at this wonderful facility can contact The Manse on Marsh. They will be able to assist you with all of your needs. Inquiry into the assisted living facility is completely confidential, and is a great way to see if this is the right facility for you and your loved ones.


This will allow you to be able to get the very best experience in health care for your loved ones.  They have tons of activities and come with huge recommendations from reviewers like OurParents.