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Sheldon Lavin Helped OSI Grow Throughout the Years

The OSI Group has 20,000 employees and is one of the biggest food providers around the globe. Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer of the company with plants in 17 countries.

Otto Kolschowsky started in the company in 1909 in the Oak Park area of Chicago. He had only immigrated to the United States 2 years earlier. It began as a small butcher shop but expanded just a decade later into wholesale. When this expansion occurred, the meat market was moved to Maywood. In 1928, Otto & Sons were born when Kolschowsky decided to rebrand the company to be a family business.

They continued to thrive as a small wholesale business in Chicago for years until they entered into an agreement with Ray Kroc who created the first McDonald’s in Des Planes, Illinois. This was one of the first steps in establishing retail franchises of restaurants. The agreement stated that Otto & Sons would be the first choice to supply meat for the franchise. When Ray Kroc made the decision to buy out the Mcdonalds, it was a very important development in the history of OSI Group. As Mcdonald’s grew, so did the demand for OSI to supply a quality product at a good cost. Flash freezing changed everything forever when it came to OSI, they were able to greatly reduce their costs and expand their product line.

In the early 1980’s, Sheldon Lavin became the Chief Executive Officer of OSI as well as the chairman. This was a very high growth phase for the company and Sheldon Lavin was able to facilitate this growth with his investment experience. IN 1987, OSI Asia-Pacific was born in conjunction with K&K Foods. When China entered into the World Trade Organization in 2001, Sheldon Lavin knew that there would be a huge opportunity for growth in that market.

They continued to grow in the United States as well and opened up a plant in Iowa that focused on hot dogs, sausage, and bacon. These were new product lines for OSI that expanded their market dramatically. OSI now has 64 plants around the globe and is continuing to grow under the guidance of Sheldon Lavin. While their headquarters are still in Chicago, the company is now a global operation that runs on a network of local managers that communicate globally.

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The RealReal Luxury Item Consignment Has Struck Gold With The Novel Concept

If you are in the market for secondhand high-end luxury items like the most recent Chanel or Hermes bag or maybe a Celine blouse, you’re in luck—the RealReal, has just the items on their online membership site that feature secondhand high-end items on consignment, such as luxury apparel, fine jewelry, and art pieces. TheRealReal acts as a go-between patrons who are selling their own high-end luxury items to sellers who are more than willing to shell out big bucks for luxury items that rarely depreciate in value. Wainwright says that for every RealReal seller, there are at least four buyers and she also claims that over half of RealReal’s sellers end up purchasing for themselves. While the average RealReal buyer is female, Wainwright indicates that men make up about 20% of her clientele and that RealReal’s buyer demographic includes every age group from millennials to baby boomers. She also says that almost half of the RealReal’s online customers are selling and buy high-end luxury items for the first time. The RealReal’s site offers professionally-taken and tastefully presented pictures of items that you would expect when showcasing items of this caliber. The standard iPhone pics wouldn’t do, now would they?

Wainwright believes she has struck gold with RealReal’s novel boutique concept because the company has positioned itself as a trusted expert on the items it features, going as far as having on-staff a roster of gemologists, brand authenticators, and art curators. RealReal customers are offered trusted guarantees that all items are authentic and Wainwright believes this has fueled the company’s explosive growth. Founded in 2011, in San Francisco by CEO Julie Wainwright, the RealReal has opened flagship storefront offices in major U.S. cities, including a long-awaited location in NYC’s trendy Soho neighborhood. The RealReal employs over 1,500 employees and recently secured more than $170 million in venture capital funding that will aid in Wainwright’s carefully-laid plan for continued growth and expansion with the RealReal.

Whitney Wolfe Helps Singles Establish Better Connections

There has never been a time where meeting people has been so easy. It is true that you can catch up with a ton of old friends from Facebook, but it is very rare for you to have an opportunity to meet many new people through Facebook. The dating app community, however, provides a wide spectrum for people that want to meet others that are single. Whitney Wolfe has a ton of experience with helping singles make matches, and she is still under the age of 30.

A ton of singles might say that Whitney Wolfe has the ability to work as an expert in this field of dating apps because she has experience on both sides of the coin. She has been single and connected with friends that have talked freely about how hard it is to wait on the man to make the first move.


Whitney Wolfe is someone that has also married recently, and this gives her a better understanding of what expectations are when it comes to a marriage partner. All of these things combined, coupled with her initial steps in being a co-founder of Tinder, has allowed her to create a bold dating app called Bumble.

The game of dating is often referred to as a game of chance. People meet one another, and they have conversations that may lead to a possible match. In real life most adults do not have as much time to meet anyone new. If they are working they may get involved with someone in the office. If they go out a lot they met find other singles in clubs or bars. People that have moved beyond this club and bar scene, however, may be reduced to meetings with new people at work or in church. If they are not bouncing from one church or job over and over again they are typically going to run into the same people.

Dating apps provide people with the ability to meet more singles that are outside of the areas that they would usually go to from one day to the next. Whitney Wolfe wanted to spice things up by giving people the chance to connect with the woman making the first move. If she does not respond to a match in 24 hours the match is gone forever. With this she knew that she was cutting down on harassment in the dating app environment as well.

A Price Above Rubies – A Hidden Gem Produced by Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender was born in The Bronx in 1957. Both of his parents were educators. His father was a college professor; his mother was a kindergarten teacher. In high school, he decided to follow his grandfather’s steps and become a civil engineer. He followed through with these goals, earning his degree at the University of Maine. Instead of becoming a civil engineer, Lawrence Bender became one of the most renowned film producers of all time.

After his success in the film industry, Lawrence Bender returned to the University of Maine, giving a lecture and receiving a Doctor of Humane Letters degree. This degree is given to students of a school for making achievements outside of typical fields like science, literature, or government. Bender was also honored by the ACLU with a Torch of Liberty Award.

His accomplishments in film consist of an Academy Award for Good Will Hunting, and 28 other nominations. In total, Lawrence Bender’s films have won Academy Awards six times.

A Price Above Rubies is one of Lawrence Bender’s lesser known films in America. The film stars Renee Zellweger and also features Julianna Margulies and Kim Hunter.

The film is about Sonia, a woman who is a part of an arranged marriage. During the film, Sonia struggles with her conflicted emotions towards her husband. She has an affair with her husband’s brother but doesn’t share a real connection with him. Eventually, she finds a new partner and her former lover exposes her to the family. She is banished from the family and is left fighting for the custody of her child.

The film was released at the Sundance Film Festival in 1998. It made just over $1 million at the box office.

Lawrence Bender’s most successful films are with Quentin Tarantino. He has produced Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, and many other of Tarantino’s greatest directorial efforts.

Roberto Santiago, the Brazilian entrepreneurship guru

Shopping Malls have populated Brazil but Manaira Shopping Mall is first among equals. Fifty-Nine Years old, Roberto Santiago is the proprietor of Manaira Shopping Mall which is located in his hometown of Joao Pessoa. The mall is a symbol of Roberto’s determination and of a man who has been patient enough to live his dream. Visitors, both foreign and local have described the mall as the most serene family hang out spots available in the whole of Brazil thanks to its versatile utilities. The mall attracts more than one million visitors on a monthly basis, cementing its status as the king of malls in Paraiba.


Roberto Background


Roberto Santiago was born and brought up in the city of Joao Pessoa in Brazil. After attending Pio X- Marist College he enrolled for a degree in Business Administration in the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. After short stints working at Café Santa Rosa, he decided to start his journey to entrepreneurship. He started his first company called Cartonnage, which made cartons out of cardboard and sold them to packaging companies all over Brazil.




Establishing his first company was just a baby step to Roberto’s dreams. He would seek more opportunities in various sectors including real estate. His decision to venture into real estate was fueled by his desire to buy and develop the land. This gave birth to the idea of Manaira shopping mall. Consequently, he bought a piece of land measuring 75 000 m2 in the year 1987 and two years later he established the mall on that piece of land. Roberto says that his decision to venture into real estate was one of the best and when he is counting his blessings he counts that piece of land twice.


The Manaira mall consists of about two hundred and eighty stores, housing a theatre, several banks, food courts and a series of shopping stores. The Domus Hall on the rooftop of the mall is famed for holding high profile weddings, conferences, and international exhibitions. The hall has the capacity to accommodate people into the tens of thousands.


Roberto Santiago ambitions are unparalleled. He is not one to stop at one mall. That is why in the same spirit he started another mall called Mangeira in 2013. The mall borrows a lot from the Manaira mall, and it has had positive business effects in the area. Roberto Santiago has definitely influenced the economy of the area and this has seen several international companies relocate to the area. With the standards of living appreciating every day in Brazil, Roberto has been on the front line in offering better and quality services and his two malls enable him to achieve that in a perfect way.


More about Roberto Santiago


Roberto has not only excelled in business but also in sports. He was the first person from Brazil to win the Brazilian kart championship. Roberto has also won the state championships a couple of times.

Roberto emerged the winner in a motocross competition in Paraibano championship winning the 250cc and 125cc category and is also known for his major contributions to charity and support for startups.


The Story Of Financial Services.

NexBank Capital, Inc is a financial institute based in Dallas that shows the promise of great potential and growth. Leaders within the institution have taken steps to help with financial growth of the company, beginning with the placement of $54 million with a team of investors. Investment notes are set to mature in September, 2027, and NexBank has already seen $283 million raised through their investments. All of the investments are to be used for corporate purposes.

NexBank offers a wide variety of services. Services offered include personal banking, commercial banking, institutional banking, and mortgage banking.

Personal banking services through NexBank provide many options for customers. With checking accounts, the customer can choose a Platinum One account that includes features like a dedicated personal banker, and the opportunity to earn interest. There are many options for savings as well. Savings options include a traditional savings account, certificates of deposit, and high yield money market accounts.

Commercial banking benefits commercial & SBA loans for businesses to help them get on the right track. Agency services that cover the industries of Media and Publication, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Transportation and Airline, Retail, Real Estate, Hotel and Hospitality, and Manufacturing are provided to help companies run more smoothly also. NexBank also offers treasury services to help companies with the cash managements aspect of their businesses.

NexBanks offers commercial mortgage services that include warehouse lending for businesses with the promise to deliver quick and reliable funding, and flexible solutions for meeting lending goals.

Aside from personal and commercial banking, NexBank also offers Institutional banking services that help financial institutions to grow and expand. Services offered include revolving lines of credit, tailored depository services, and loan participation. Treasury services, investment banking, and real estate advisory are all offered with the Institutional banking services as well.

NexBank offers services for personal banking as well as for business banking. NexBank thinks about both, the big guy, and the little guy. With almost 100 years in service, the customer can rest assured that they will be satisfied with the tailored and personalized services the receive from NexBank.