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Freedom Checks Help People Gain Freedom

In an attempt to create a country where there is no relying on others for energy, there is investors willing to help make that possible by taking part in Freedom Checks. If you have not heard what they are by now, you should know that if you are interested in earning an income long term that can help you set up for financial Independence no matter how old you are or what your actual job is, you will find that Freedom Checks is going to help you reach your goal.

The idea of this service came about from a man who has spent a good portion of the last 2 decades learning about mining, energy and even agricultural sectors. He graduated from Duke University and attended the University of North Carolina where he went on to teach students about geology. He carries a hands-on approach to doing things. He lived in Iraq to Singapore to New Guinea.

Matt Badiali has a number of personal friends who are CEO’s of top mining companies and uses those connections to be able to help others with their investments. It was then that the idea of Freedom Checks came about.

The term of Freedom Checks came about during the firms organizing and processing of the natural resources here in the United States. While it applies to the production, storage and transportation of the natural resources, it spends a good amount of time focused on gas and oil.

There has been a decrease in the amount of oil that is being imported into the US from the Middle East. There has been an increase in the amount of gas and oil here that is now being produced. It is because of these factors that there is money to be made back from investments into gas and oil. These returns will make you money for years to follow. That is why these checks are so easy to invest in.

The Checks that will start being paid out resulted in a payout of up to 35 billion dollars. That is a lot of money being made back by the investors in Freedom Checks. With that kind of money, you can be set up for life if you invest more of it properly.

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David McDonald’s Mission to Improve Sustainability for OSI Group

David McDonald, the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Group has been on a mission to improve sustainability for the company. Their value-added products like sandwiches, pizza, and meat products like hamburgers, sausage links and other protein rich foods could be joined by a new effort. That effort is to bridge the gap on sustainability for OSI Group.

Some of the big name brands that are served by OSI Group include Starbucks, Subway, Papa John’s, McDonald’s, and many others. Although Starbucks has always held an interest in sustainability and relevant issues like fair trade, OSI Group has long been known as the largest producer of poultry in the country. David McDonald has remained focused on making improvements that will impact the company all around the world. One of those improvements was expanding their poultry production in China.

Processing and production are two of the most important aspects of what OSI Group does. Now that David McDonald is taking a closer look at how their entire process impacts the world, it’s going to make even bigger strides. Additionally, launching a beef processing facility in Poland is also a great way for the company to expand their efforts. OSI Group has always gone above and beyond, but now they want to take it one step further.

David McDonald is now on the Board of Directors for OSI Group, and he is also on the board for the North American Meat Institute. This is a good position for him as he continues to focus on sustainability. This means that he can review all the processes of every aspect of what his company is doing and the companies around him.

OSI Group is working tirelessly to continue to raise the bar in meat processing, but they are also going to find more ways to maintain their momentum. Additionally, the company’s goal is to focus on using natural resources more, and find new ways to do so without a negative impact on the environment.

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Betsy Devos: Charter School Advocate

Appearances can be deceiving. Many opponents of Betsy DeVos have discovered just how true that can be. At first glance, Ms. DeVos appears to be a soft-spoken and impeccably groomed lady who is generous to a fault. Less obvious is the fact that she’s passionate about her work and her commitment to providing a quality education for all students, and she is fearless and aggressive in the pursuit of those objectives. Those who disagree with her often find themselves on the losing end of the battle.


A native of Holland, Michigan the 59-year-old DeVos believes wholeheartedly in charter schools that are funded through vouchers or a system similar to vouchers. Born to very wealthy parents, Ms. DeVos attended a Christian private school as a child, as did her children, and so may be unfamiliar with the difficulty that the average working-class parents have in providing a quality education for their children. Opponents of charter schools accuse her of wanting to erode the quality of the public school system and drain its resources in order to fund the charter schools. Advocates of charter schools argue that they provide better choices to the working class because they create competition for the public school system, which often provides a very poor education for its students.


Ms. DeVos takes her concept of charter schools a step further than most and advocates that they should be run by a for-profit organization without performance standards to regulate them. She proposes that the free enterprise system will be a better option for maintaining quality schools and providing parents with better options. This was reinforced by her recent trip to a Washington public school where the teachers seemed to lack initiative and instead waited to be told what to do next.


Detroit’s public school system includes one of the highest concentrations of charter schools but their output is among the lowest in the nation. Legislation was introduced last year to close the failing charter schools and establish standards for new ones, but the Great Lakes Education Project, founded by Betsy DeVos, successfully defeated the legislation. She believes the Detroit public school system should be closed. She understands that even the best of public schools in the United States under-perform when compared to schools in other countries. She is criticized for working with rapper Pitbull to develop charter schools in Florida but they are rapidly gaining in popularity.


Ms. DeVos is not in agreement with the spurious “separation of church and state” argument that many of her opponents use against her concept for charter schools.


Although friends indicate that she felt that her Senate confirmation, passed by 51-50 after a tie-breaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence, portrayed her as ignorant, she felt the criticisms lodged against her didn’t merit a response. After her appointment, she immediately attempted to speak with the two leaders of the major teachers’ unions, Ms. Weingarten and Ms. Eskelsen Garcia. Only Ms. Weingarten would speak to her however which Ms. Eskelsen Garcia may regret. Ms. DeVos is quite adept at power politics and has a reputation for getting what she wants.


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Sussex Health Care: Home For The Elderly

This is a certified Health Care Service Delivery unit which was chatter in 2002 by the Health Quality Service (HQS), and the People Standard has heavily invested in it. it has ever since attained an international standard ISO 9000:2000 undertaking a quality management managerial criteria, thus making Sussex Health Care the only private and independent In-house/ Home provider in the UK to have attained dual certification for both HQS and ISO 9000:2000.

Apart from facilitating Health Care services, they also advocate for recreation among their clients providing every home with a full package of the program of undertakings to stimulate, encourage and interest the individuals to get the best out of these facilities.

The Sussex Health Care has a Policy Group which undertakes the managerial duty of the organization. They (the Policy Group) are a bunch of professionals highly experienced and well informed on the administrative task shouldered on them by the organization.

The Sussex Health Care provides homes for the aged. They choose the appropriate homes for the elderly striving to provide a safe, comfortable ecosystem with support and stimulation for each client to attain full health, mental stability, emotional balance, and social capacity. The Sussex Health Care has an academy where they nurture professionals to take good care of these delicately aged clients who demand special attention and treatment and with several complications.

The Sussex Health Care staff is friendly and determined to serve their clients adequately. The warm and homely climate created between them and their clients ensures that the clients continue with their lifestyle with personal confidentiality and dignity. The home is fully furnished with recreation areas with good signposts, all for the benefit of the older adults who are disadvantaged differently.

Sussex Health Care provides 31 places for their clients who have dementia and Alzheimer’s ailment, a spacious house providing single or shared rooms fitted with special facilities like en-suite bathrooms.

They offer 24 hours surveillance with experienced care staff under strict surveillance of the Registered Home Manager. Experts are there to give guidelines on any aspect of their clients care, recreation needs or the environment which best suits them.

How Litigator Todd Levine’s Music, Art, Math and Science Skills Helps him Solve Hard-to-Crack Cases

Apart from Litigator Todd Levine possessing the best qualifications common among successful litigators, he also have skills outside the legal fields that he also attributes to his success. Told Lavin is also interested in music. He has played guitar since he was a kid. Far from that, he also likes drawing and he has a thing for math and science.



The combination of different skills has helped Litigator Todd Levine to approach litigation from a different perspective. According to him, his creativity and love for sciences helped him see things that the other side of the case didn’t see and therefore, he could turn around what appeared as a blow to his case to support his case. Such skills earned him recognition among his colleagues and mediators.



Todd Levine is a co-founder and partner at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levin, a firm which is based in Miami. Apart from it being a litigation only firm, it also deals with family-related cases.



With offices in Boca Raton and a Minneapolis, the firm started operating in 2009 with Levine and other seven partners as founders. The group has worked in harmony and they share the same vision.



The firm has grown tremendously to handle all sizes of cases. They have handled cases on behalf of famous and prominent people. For Todd Levine’s part, he represented the retired famous basketballer Rodriguez in various cases. He has handled many other cases on behalf of prominent people as well as firms and won most of them.



Todd Levine attributes the success of the law firm to a supportive environment, his mentors as well as to a group which works in harmony. In a statement, he said that the group always works together and they are nurturing new talents.



About Todd Levine



Born in 1966 at North Miami, Levine went to University of Florida Levin College of Law where he graduated with J.D., in 1991 and B.S.B.A., in 1988. Prior to joining the firm of 8 partners, he worked at Kluger, Peretz, Kaplan and Berlin between 1991 and 2009.

Try GoBuySide For Yourself and See Your ROI Increase

GoBuySide is changing the way investment managers look at the recruiting process. More and more investment firms are finding it difficult to find proper candidates for the investment management positions that they are trying to fill. However, with GoBuySide, they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

There are many ways to use GoBuySide to advantage. GoBuySide is a different kind of recruitment agency. The most obvious thing that sets them apart is that they specialize in the investment management industry. Using them will therefore immediately put you at an advantage compared to other companies.

If you use a general recruitment management industry, you will miss out on the opportunity to attract quality talent. You are looking for candidates that have specific and special skills. These candidates are not going to be found if you search on the general job market. The skills that are required for an investment management position are very complex and are very advanced. If you do not use the right recruitment agency, you may find someone who has experience in the financial industry. However, that person may not have the necessary experience to manage investment funds.

In addition, if you are looking for a candidate in New York, you generally want someone not just to work in New York. Instead, you want someone who lives in New York and who has experience in the financial industry in New York. The reason for this is simple. New York has a unique financial culture and you want someone who is comfortable and familiar with this culture. This is the best way to ensure that the person who is working for you will do a great job.

GoBuySide has a research process that is designed to find you the very best people in New York in the financial and investment management industry. They use advanced networking methods to make sure that you are getting access to a large pool of qualified individuals who are going to make your company grow. Try them out and see for yourself how your ROI will increase based on your new talent.

Democratics candidate increasingly back End Citizens United

End Citizens United continues its drive to get corporate money out of politics. Groups like the Justice Democrats supports its efforts to end the influence of large-money donors. To further its goals, the groups backs a number of Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterm elections. Democratic Socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Connor Lamb have both said they will not take money from corporate-sponsored political action committees.

Why have these candidates, along with many of their Democratic Colleagues made the choice to take the End Citzens United pledge? When Senator Bernie Sanders accused the United States of being run by an oligarchy. The candidate did not say that it was an oligarchy run by corporate interests, but he might as well have. Find out more about End Citizens United at

The recent net neutrality debate is one example where corporate interests, particularly those of the telecommunications industry, ruled the debate. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai even lied to congress about a DdoS attack on FCC servers in order to pass a net neutrality bill. The former FCC chairman even joked about being a Verizon shill. Pai, an Obama-era appointee raised to his current position by Trump is a former Verizon attorney. End Citizens United was silent on the net neutrality issue, but it was portrayed as a Republican versus Democrats issue, when in fact tech savvy members of both parties preferred keeping the net neutrality rules in place.

The Atlantic describes the End Citizens United pledge as merely symbolic because most congressional candidates do not receive money from political action committees, but it is a move many American voters expect from their candidates. The pledge is not something only Democratic voters expect to see. Many Republican voters expect to see their candidates forsake corporate PAC money as well.

At the moment, only Democratic candidates have made such a pledge. End Citizens United continues to back candidates who make this pledge, but the organization will back any candidate who refuses to take such funds. The organization was founded after the ruling that reinforced the idea that corporations have all the same rights as other citizens.


How To Keep Your Upwork To-Do List Organized

It is important to make sure your Upwork to-do list is always organized. How are you going to have a productive day if you are spending time preparing or even looking for your to-do list? The following tips are just what you need to keep your to-do list organized.

Add Everything To Your To-Do List

When you try to memorize your to-do list, you find yourself concentrating on the tasks you have not completed yet. It is better to record your list on paper, software or a mobile application. This way, your brain is able to concentrate on the current task. You do not have to worry about the next task until you see it on your to-do list.

Create Your To-Do List In Advance

If you are like most freelancers, you prepare your to-do list for the day when you get up each morning. This is time you could be using to work on your first task of the day. It is best to create your list before you go to bed each night. Creating your list in advance gives you more time to be productive the next morning. You can also decide what task is going to start and end your day.

Store Your Entire To-Do List In One Place

One thing you never want to do is keep your to-do list in different places. You find yourself searching your drawers for the first half and your mobile application for the second half, and you may even lose the sticky note with the rest of your list written on it. This means you are wasting valuable time looking for or re-writing your to-do list. Save yourself the time and stress by keeping your entire list in a notebook or on a mobile application.

Upwork is a company that provides a marketplace for freelancers and clients. Freelancers can find short-term, recurring and full-time contract work in a variety of categories. The categories include data entry, grant writing and customer service.

When you take the time to organize your to-do list, you are one step closer to a productive day.

Francisco Domenech inspires Young Democrats

Democrats across the country woke up in bewilderment when Donald Trump, former reality television star, won the presidency. All the polls predicted a victory for Hillary Clinton. As the polls measure the likely popular vote, they were correct. However, the polls forgot to take the electoral college vote into account. There is no easy way to poll the Electoral college members. However, Francisco Domenech knows not to give up. He agrees, along with Saturday Nigh Live’s Hillary Clinton impersonator that it is not a good idea to give up. Domenech’s determination is inspiring a new group of young democrats. Visit to learn more about Domenech.

Not only is his determination inspiring young democrats, he has used his skill at bringing people together to form an organization called Young Democrats. The first chapter formed at the University of Puerto Rico while Francisco Domenech worked on earning his degree in political science. Such organizations often bring together people with similar interest and skills.

His political acumen serves him well in his current role as a community organizer and an adviser to many political campaigns. He even helped the current territorial representative to congress earn her position in the District of Columbia. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign represents the largest campaign on which he has worked.

When he is not busy performing the work of the people, or at least what he feels is the work of the people, he spends as much time as possible with his daughters. He even makes sure he spends time with them each morning before he sends them off on their daily routines. During his morning routine, he makes sure he catches up on his e-mails, the local news and the national news. This young Democrat and Young Democrats founder looks forward to working on the 2020 Democratic party presidential campaigns. No one knows who will run yet.

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OSI Group: Breaking New Ground In Asia

OSI Group, a major food supplier, has its eyes set on breaking new ground in Asia. The food production company has already opened facilities in the Americas, Europe and parts of Asia. But the country has rolled out a new set of plans of how they plan to expand their operations in the Asia-Pacific Market. OSI Group has always been a company of vision and advancement. It was the initial vision that got the company started by a German immigrant a century ago. In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky opened a butcher shop just two years after arriving to the United States. His west side Chicago butcher shop was opened to serve the heavily influence immigrant community. Ten years later, after the World War I, the businessman has opened second location.

This suburb location was opened to handle the wholesale side of the business. Decades later the businesses were paced down to Otto’s sons. Otto & Sons took the company to another level when it became the number one supplier for McDonald’s. The irresistibly tasty hamburger patty started by Otto was making its way into many McDonald’s across the United States. The small family owned business eventually blossomed into what it today OSI Group. It took many decades and much dedication to create a company that is successful in the meat industry. But this was all accomplished due to maintaining quality in food production.

OSI Group has sixty five facilities in seventeen countries. But the company has no plans of slowing down its rapid growth. In fact, the company is very interested in opening more facilities to run operations more effectively. The Asia-Pacific market is the market the company is focused on mostly right now. Although parts of North America, South America and Europe already have OSI Group facilities located in them, the company sees where they can advance their company with more infrastructure in Asia. Ever since 2010, the food supplier has been opening facilities in Japan and India. They are looking to make their poultry supply chain flow more effectively. Additionally, they are looking to add non meat items to their business operations.