Bob Reina Introduces New Program

Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company. Reina got the idea for the company when he was trying to put a video into an email to some friends. Reina did not want to attach the video as a file, instead he wanted to embed the video so that his friends could just click play without having to open a video player. He could not get it to work. He even tried calling his email provider for assistance. All they were able to tell him was that it could not be done. Reina did not want to give up. He called a friend who worked in the information technology industry. They sat down and figured out how to embed a video in an email. When they finally finished, Reina realized that there were probably other people in the world who would like to do the same thing. And, he thought, maybe they would like to do other things with videos. And then Reina realized that this could be a very useful marketing tool for many businesses. It was at this point that Reina decided to start Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion has seen lots of success and they are expecting much more after an announcement that PR Newswire recently featured. The company will now be offering a 30 day free trial to potential customers. Reina, and others in his corporate office, realized that since their products are so good, they will sell themselves. They knew if they let businesses use their products for free, they would see the value in them, and then buy them. The article explained that charities, businesses and individuals alike can all sign up for the free trial. The convenient aspect of signing up is that all it requires is a name and email. It will not ask for any credit card or payment information. After signing up, trial users will have 30 days of full access to their tools for video chat, sign up forms, live meetings, video newsletters and their infamous video email system.

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