Bruce Bent II:A Financial Services Industry Pioneer

Bruce Bent II, president and vice chairman of Double Rock Corporation, is a pioneer when it comes to retirement services and cash management. He has been the catalyst behind some of the financial services industry’s most relevant and influential technologies and products. Double Rock Corporation is a top financial services company, and as a senior executive Bent has made some very valuable contributions to their affiliates and subsidiary companies through his entrepreneurial drive as well as his vision.

Bruce Bent II is credited with a number of patents. He has also pioneered several innovative processes that form the foundation on which the Double Rock companies are built. Those processes have set the standard for their markets and their value is widely recognized. This has led industry insiders to develop a great deal of respect for Bent. He has spent his whole career with Double Rock and the contributions he has made to the improvement of the cash sweep program as well as the expanded FDIC-insured sweep programs have played a major role in transforming the landscape of the cash management industry and helped to generate trillions of dollars.

He has helped make a loan solution plan defined by automated contributions available to consumers through the work he’s done with Access Control Advantage. It has led to a 25% reduction in borrowing by plan participants. Bruce Bent II also has part of the responsibility for helping to define each of the companies under the Double Rock umbrella’s strategic directions. Those companies include not only Access Control Advantage, but also Island Intellectual Property, LIDs Capital, Landing Rock Group and Intrasweep LLC.

A member of the nearly 10,000 member peer network, Young Presidents’ Organization, Bruce Bent II is connected to a cadre of young global business leaders. A former Manhattan based Gotham chapter finance chairman, Bent was also a New York Entrepreneur’s Organization member and was on the environmental organization the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson. The Northeastern University grad who holds a Philosophy degree was featured in the book entitled ‘Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs’.

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