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New York Fashion Week & The Academy of Art University

New York Fashion Week is one of the very best celebrations of fashion in the whole world. This particular event takes place every year in September, and it pulls in huge amounts of revenue for the city of New York. Thousands of people come to witness this event, including general spectators, fashion designers, industry insiders and celebrities. This is a week-long affair in which the event provides a wide array of fashion shows. For making its 21st consecutive appearance, the Academy of Art University put on a show of its own. This fantastic school for the arts has been displaying its stuff for quite some time, and last year was exception to the rule.

The amount of internships, classes and workshops that goes into developing such talent is mindboggling to some degree. Fashion may be exciting, but it certainly isn’t easy. This is why you should always have a strong passion for what you do. The Academy of Art University has a unique fashion design program, and this program has helped to develop many talented figures. The fashion designers at New York Fashion Week come from all over the globe, including China, Japan, Nigeria and Mexico. Just about every nationality is being represented here. Some of the most eclectic pieces of clothing attire can be viewed here whether it’s futuristic looking, or it’s vintage looking. Another great addition to New York Fashion Week is that it’s now being live streamed. At this point in time, millions of people can now enjoy this prominent festivities from the comfort of their homes.

Galleries, exhibits, student housing and innovative facilities can all be found at the Academy of Art University’s urban campus. Over 12,000 students are getting an education here. This school has gone on to produce talented figures such as Raven Symone, Heidi Montag, Chris Milk and Vicky Jenson.


Whitney Wolfe Gives Relationships A Different Look

People have changed their idea of dating as the technology age has become reality and not just thoughts of how it can affect people. Movies that use to show scenes of how technology can help people has now become things that people do everyday. Technology has made meeting people much different than it was 15 years ago or earlier. With technology, people can meet others in many different ways just using technology devices. People can communicate with others by texting, emailing, talking, and even with face-to-face discussions.

The ability to communicate in so many different ways has allowed people to avoid many of the things about dating that use to make people nervous and uncomfortable. The first meeting can now be done by communicating through technology based methods instead of arranging such things as a blind date. With many different ways of meeting though technology, people have various choices that they can make. One of the favorite ways for many people is to use an online or network technology based approach.


A technology based approach that is becoming very popular with many people is the Bumble date app. Developed on the design of app based software applications, the Bumble date app is operated through smartphone or related technology. The Bumble date app allows people to setup a profile on the dating app that contains specifics about the people and what their interests are regarding other people. This information is used by the Bumble date app to generate a list of people that the app feels will be a good match for the people who use the Bumble date app to get dates.

The founder of the Bumble date app is Whitney Wolfe. A seasoned business professional who has helped to develop a previous date app, Whitney Wolfe has experience in the date app field. Whitney Wolfe has a solid view of what people want from date apps and how to give people what they want. She has made the Bumble date app an app that people have come to enjoy and look forward to using to get dates and build possible relationships.

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Is Handy Cleaning Services the New Uber?

It is said that success comes naturally. The manner in which Uber rose from a small firm to a multinational organization is striking. Recently, analysts have begun comparing Handy to Uber. In fact, people have gone further to explain that Handy will surpass Uber with time. They note that the kind of services Handy offers is highly demanded compared to the Uber services.

In just two years, Handy Cleaning Services is intact in 25 US cities and some parts of Canada. Additionally as Realestatetechnews stated, they offer their services in London, which is voted to be the next best market for these products. Their primary service is cleaning. With cleaning, everyone needs it, and it’s a recurrent cost to the owner. What happens in most cases is that the particular cleaner is contracted for an extended period. The only thing that can deny him the services is the disagreement with the customer. While the professional benefits, Handy benefits too. They link the experts from a particular area to the people that have work to be done. From the payments, they have their share of revenues from the transactions. The business model has seen them continue to increase their profits and reliability over time.

The primary services offered by Handy are cleaning, plumbing and handyman services. However, the rate at which clients are demanding individual services is not the same. About 85 percent of Handy revenues come from cleaning, while the rest emanates from those other services. Through the online and mobile applications, people have found it easy to log into the website and request for the category of service they want. On the same note, the users of mobile applications are increasing on the daily basis. The platform is easy to acquire and use. The impact of the tremendous increase in application owners is the skyrocketing number of requests. According to Handy, there are over 200,000 applications offering cleaning opportunities to date. In fact, there are over 5,000 professionals that have registered and are guaranteed at least a job in a single month.

The rise in demand for the services ( has been attributed to the stable prices. Unlike Uber, Handy prices are constant over a longer period and have been a motivation for clients. The customer base has been increasing each month since January 2015. In fact, for the last three months, Handy has seen a 60 percent increase in customer base per month.

Looking at the model that Uber uses, one will see Handy to be superior due to the ease and continuous need for their services. As long as consumers get comfortable with your services, they will always call and make payment. The mode of payment is equally convenient. With your phone, you can tap and get a service provider and make payments instantly. The level of convenience seen in these transactions is motivating. The company is expanding to various parts of the world, with plans ready for launching in more US cities and the United Kingdom. According to Co-founder Hanrahan, the application is like an ATM carried in the pocket. For more info, visit





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