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Sheldon Lavin From Finance Company to Food Supplier

Sheldon Lavin is committed to sustainable food production. In 1975, Mr. Lavin became president and CEO of OSI Group. Lavin, with the help of David McDonald, had helped OSI Group go global. OSI Group is currently one of the largest producers of beef in the world.Prior to working at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin worked at Otto & Sons and was made a partner. Lavin was hired to help the company with their finances. Otto & Sons had requested that Mr. Lavin take on a stake of ownership in the company, but Lavin declined the offer. OSI was originally Otto & Son that was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolchowski.

Major growth began in 1955 when Ray Kroc began to order Mc Donald’s meat from them to make their burgers. The orders were so big, Otto & Sons had a specialty plant built in 1973 to handle McDonald’s restaurant orders. It was in the 1980s that OSI expanded their business outside the North American continent. OSI supplied to Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, Spain, and Austria. In the 1990s, OSU added Philipines, Mexico, China, and Poland into their foreign markets. By the New millennium, countries like Australia, India, Canada, and China become clients of OSI Group. Mr. Lavin plans to supply food everywhere. Sheldon Lavin had earned many sustainability awards since taking charge of OSI Group.

OSI Group and Sheldon Lavin earned many awards, including Global Visionary Award, North American Meat Institute of Environmental Award, and others.Mr. Lavin was born in 1932. He received his bachelor’s degree in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Ill. Lavin was an undergraduate student at University of Illinois and Nothwestern University where he majored in accounting and finance. Prior to working at Otto & Sons and OSI Group, Lavin ran Sheldon Lavin and Associates Inc, located in downtown Chicago. Lavin likes to support various charities, including Ronald McDonald House where children and their families stay while the child gets cancer treatment. He’s been a chairman and trustee of Ronald McDonald House for over 25 years. Mr. Lavin is President and the Director of Sheba Foundation.

Roberto Santiago, the Brazilian entrepreneurship guru

Shopping Malls have populated Brazil but Manaira Shopping Mall is first among equals. Fifty-Nine Years old, Roberto Santiago is the proprietor of Manaira Shopping Mall which is located in his hometown of Joao Pessoa. The mall is a symbol of Roberto’s determination and of a man who has been patient enough to live his dream. Visitors, both foreign and local have described the mall as the most serene family hang out spots available in the whole of Brazil thanks to its versatile utilities. The mall attracts more than one million visitors on a monthly basis, cementing its status as the king of malls in Paraiba.


Roberto Background


Roberto Santiago was born and brought up in the city of Joao Pessoa in Brazil. After attending Pio X- Marist College he enrolled for a degree in Business Administration in the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. After short stints working at Café Santa Rosa, he decided to start his journey to entrepreneurship. He started his first company called Cartonnage, which made cartons out of cardboard and sold them to packaging companies all over Brazil.




Establishing his first company was just a baby step to Roberto’s dreams. He would seek more opportunities in various sectors including real estate. His decision to venture into real estate was fueled by his desire to buy and develop the land. This gave birth to the idea of Manaira shopping mall. Consequently, he bought a piece of land measuring 75 000 m2 in the year 1987 and two years later he established the mall on that piece of land. Roberto says that his decision to venture into real estate was one of the best and when he is counting his blessings he counts that piece of land twice.


The Manaira mall consists of about two hundred and eighty stores, housing a theatre, several banks, food courts and a series of shopping stores. The Domus Hall on the rooftop of the mall is famed for holding high profile weddings, conferences, and international exhibitions. The hall has the capacity to accommodate people into the tens of thousands.


Roberto Santiago ambitions are unparalleled. He is not one to stop at one mall. That is why in the same spirit he started another mall called Mangeira in 2013. The mall borrows a lot from the Manaira mall, and it has had positive business effects in the area. Roberto Santiago has definitely influenced the economy of the area and this has seen several international companies relocate to the area. With the standards of living appreciating every day in Brazil, Roberto has been on the front line in offering better and quality services and his two malls enable him to achieve that in a perfect way.


More about Roberto Santiago


Roberto has not only excelled in business but also in sports. He was the first person from Brazil to win the Brazilian kart championship. Roberto has also won the state championships a couple of times.

Roberto emerged the winner in a motocross competition in Paraibano championship winning the 250cc and 125cc category and is also known for his major contributions to charity and support for startups.



Hussain Sajwain is the founder of the property development company DAMAC in Dubai and the owner from the UAE. He went to the University of Washington where is an alumnus of the university. At the university, his career started as a contract manager in GASCO of Abu Dhabi oil company. In the year 1982 he started his own business, and after some time he founded his catering venture. In the Dubai market expansion property, Sajwan was one of the developers and created accommodation property for people coming to do business in Dubai. In the year 2002, he established the DAMAC property which in turn is the most significant developing companies in the Middle East


Hussein Sajwani has glitzy property developments, marketing stunts and he also added a golf course with Donal Trump. Damac is known for providing food service for the united states army in their desert operations also Hussain sajwani’s firm works for the American companies all over the world. He also owns a real Estate back in Dubai that is so Luxuries


In the year 2013 way back before trump became the head of state, Hussain Sajwani together with Trump developed an international Golf Course located in Dubai (Trump- branded golf courses), these build the relationship between the two of them. These have also extended to the children of trumps ( sons Donald Jr, Eric, and the daughter Ivanka). Sajwan says that all the children are involved in there business, and he thinks that the leadership will not have a problem in the near future.


Damac is the Middle East, and Dubai real estate that started in the year 2002, the firm provides luxury residential, commercial and leisure properties that cover a wide area of region that is the UAE, Lebanon, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia


Hussein Sajwan has supported the effort of sheik Mohammed to improve the lives of other people these are in the clothing campaign that began in the year 1983. The UAE Red Crescent chairman acknowledges the contribution of Hussein Sajwan in helping the less fortunate in life. DAMAC properties has also come up with a hospitality division that provides bespoke services to the residents. Learn more: