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Seattle Genetics has been at the forefront of cancer research in America for over 20 years. The company which specializes in developing drugs for targeted cancer therapy has had developed 15 patents since its inception. One of the companies breakthrough developments, ADCetris, was the first ever antibody drug conjugate, ADC, to be developed, and also the first of its kind to receive FDA approval. ADCetris is now approved for use in over 65 countries around the world.

Seattle Genetics has achieved this under the able leadership of its founder and CEO, Clay Siegall. Driven by a strong desire to help ease the burden and pain of cancer patients, Clay Siegall believes that older methods of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy are slowly being edged out by targeted therapies which are more efficient and tolerable for patients. Having watched his father undergo a brutal cancer treatment method and suffer from its accompanying side effects in his youth, Clay Siegall made a vow to help find a better, more favorable method that would help ease the pain on patients.

Clay Siegall started his career at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical research Institute as a Senior Research Investigator before rising to the position of Principal Scientist. The PhD in Genetics graduate from the George Washington University then went on to join the National cancer Institute as a Biotechnology Fellow and Staff Fellow. He has published over 70 articles where he shares his scientific knowledge with other researchers and the community at large.

Other than his exemplary leadership in research and development of new therapies for the treatment of cancer, Clay Siegall also leads Seattle Genetics in fundraising for its much needed capital for their research activities. Including their initial public offering in 2001, Seattle Genetics has raised over $1.2 billion in public and private financing. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Alder Bio-pharmaceuticals, Washington Roundtable and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals respectively.