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Infinity Group Australia Founder Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker Have Done An Amazing Job Making Their Company A Huge Success Story In Only Five Years:

Australia’s unique debt reduction firm Infinity Group Australia has recently been recognized, along with its co-founders Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, by the prestigious publication known as the Australian Financial Review as of one the top one-hundred Most Innovative Companies across the countries of Australia and New Zealand respectively. When Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013, they did so with a clear vision of how they could create a debt reduction service that would truly help average Australians who were saddled with crippling issues of debt.


In only five years in operation, Infinity Group Australia has put that vision into action to the extent that it has gained recognition from the Australian Financial Review as being the fifty-eighth most innovative company in all of Australia and New Zealand. For its part, the Australian Financial Review has now published this list for seven years running. The publication has a reach of over 1.8 million subscribers. The publication came to a final decision on this prestigious list by consulting with Inventium as well as an outstanding panel of experts in the industry. The competition was quite stiff as over one-thousand firms across both Australia and New Zealand was in the mix for the highly sought after top one-hundred spots. With its fifty-eighth place ranking, Infinity Group Australia ranks within the top 5.8 percent out of all one-thousand nominated companies.


Graeme Holms has been beaming with pride over the fact that Infinity Group Australia has been named to this prestigious list of firms. He gives a huge amount of the credit to the amazing team that he has assembled at Infinity Group Australia. Graeme is really proud that his vision of being able to help Australian families with debt issues has come together in such an excellent way. The company has really taken a unique approach that includes guiding its clients through the debt reduction process step by step and always being there. Every detail of the process is discussed between clients and the representatives at Infinity Group Australia. This is exactly the kind of factor that has led to the company being named to the top one-hundred Most Innovative Companies list.


Graeme Holm has a career that encompasses a total of seventeen years working in financial sector businesses. He holds accreditations that include the areas of financial planning and real estate. During this time he became very aware of the bad deals that average Australians were often getting from financial industry institutions. The fact is that traditionally, Australian loan clients end up living in a paycheck to paycheck manner and are generally unable to do anything other than make their minimum payments on these loans. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker chose to go with a concept where they would provide continuing guidance throughout a client’s entire loan repayment process. This hands-on and personal approach has really gone over quite well with Infinity Group Australia’s clients and has led to the massively positive image that the company has cultivated during its short history. Learn more: