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Sheldon Lavin – Implementing Ways to Increase Hold of OSI Industries in Meat Processing Sector

The OSI Group has become one of the most preferred meat processing firms across the globe in recent times. Even the famous fast food chains like McDonalds and KFC are known to source part of their meat supply from OSI Industries. Many of the famous restaurants, fast food chains, and others, are known to order their supply their processed meat and food requirements from OSI Industries. The company has been around in the meat processing industry for over four decades, which makes it one of the most experienced firms in the sector. The company has flourished unprecedentedly in recent years under the leadership of the person who is also known as the tycoon in the fresh meat processing industry, Sheldon Lavin.

Surprisingly, Sheldon Lavin always wanted to become a financial executive, and he even became so during the first few years of his career. However, it is his interest in finance and the job as a finance and investment executive that connected him to the family that first owned the OSI Industries. Over the years, the bonding between the family and Sheldon Lavin grew, and the involvement as the financier of Sheldon Lavin grew into the company. It is this continuous participation in the company that eventually made him the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of OSI Industries, previously known as Otto and Sons. Sheldon Lavin left no stone unturned after he became the chairman of the company to restructure the company’s business and streamline the rough ends that have been eating up the majority of enterprise’s profits.

The move by Sheldon Lavin to implement corrective measures helped OSI Industries to increase its revenue, which also helped Sheldon Lavin to proceed towards global expansion of the company. Today, OSI Industries has a presence in over 17 countries and has 70 production units dotted across these 17 countries. The processed meat and food products that the company manufactures are distributed in many countries across the globe. The company employs more than twenty thousand people, which is a tremendous contribution to the society. Sheldon Lavin continues to plan new ways to increase the company’s hold in the meat processing industry.

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The Philanthropic Exploits Of Investment Guru, James Dondero

James Dondero is an investment expert based in Dallas, Texas. With more than 30 years of experience, he specializes in credit and equity markets, fixated on distressed investing, high return investments, and alternative investments. In 1993, he co-established Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada and is the current President.Highland Capital Management is registered with the SEC to take part in investment and asset management. The firm currently has under its management assets valued at over $16 billion, making it one of the largest alternative credit proprietors in the world. Highland Capital has a broad client base including high-net-worth individuals, financial organizations, governments, and large corporations. It offers services such as credit strategies, hedge funds, private equity, and collateralized loans.

James Dondero holds an undergraduate degree with dual majors in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. He began his career in the training program of Morgan Guaranty as an analyst in 1983. He then went on to serve at American Express as a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst before moving on to work at Protective Life as Chief Investment Officer.He is an active philanthropist and supports causes touching on education, public policy, and veteran’s rights. Owing to this, he was named as a member of the Executive Board of the Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business. The Executive Board assists with the creation and implementation of development strategies in the Cox School of Business.

This is in addition to his and Highland Capital’s commitment to supporting projects in the school such as the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, as well as the Tower Scholars Program. James Dondero accepts the partnership with the SMU’s Cox School of Business because of the committed professionals it produces who make an enormous impact on the Dallas business community, as well as Highland Capital itself.James Dondero is also a member of the boards of MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital. He also serves as the Chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank, and Nex-Point Residential Trust.He is also allowed to use the credential of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Evolution Of Smooth Continues To Wow Consumers

Evolution of smooth lip balm has only been on the market for a few years but they have managed to single-handedly change the lip care industry. The creators of the company knew that they would have their work cut out for them so they sought out a unique marketing strategy in the form of a unique design and new flavors that the competitors did not use. The design of the product is one of the things that caught the attention of consumers. Not only is the product unique looking but it is very effective and the flavors are a favorite of people everywhere.

Celebrities began to be seen in public using the EOS lip balm. Pretty soon people everywhere were buying them as fast as they could. In just a few short years the company has been able to exceed sales totaling $250 million and sees sales of over one million units per week. The growth is not projected to stop anytime soon. Estimates say that the company will see around $2 billion in sales by 2020. That type of growth is what has put them in the number two spot as far as the lip balm industry goes. Number one is Burt’s Bees and the former number one for nearly one hundred years is the Chapstick company, Evolution Of Smooth has made an incredible impact in the lip balm market and they continue to grow and provide their customers with a fun and quality product. Their lip balms can be seen in just about every store and in every city all across the United States.

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Hippeas Appealing To The Younger Generation With Taste And Quality

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian entrepreneur who understands that making money and being someone who looks out for the future of the planet don’t necessarily need to be at odds. In fact, by starting the firm Hippeas, Livio Bisterzo has managed to create a company that is both very successful and is helping the people who help the company look after the planet in a big way.

The Hippeas puff is something that has become quite popular among the younger generation because it is a new snack that manages to stand out among the crowd, while also being somewhat healthier than what the millennial generation is used to. And then of course there is the fact that the Hippeas Chickpea puffs are the means to the end and the end is not just making as much money as possible.

Livio Bisterzo, CEO of Green Park Holdings has long wanted to make sure his company is one that attempts to keep its customers coming back because the product is indeed one that makes people smack their lips when they see a bag. Livio Bisterzo also want their customers to think about how they can help the world repair and regroup from the landfills of bags of chips that have been consumed over the last few decades.

Rest assured, if you go to get your hand in a bag of these puffs, users are going to be able to have a number of different flavors to choose from. These aren’t your ordinary flavors either. Things like Far Out Fiesta and Sriracha Sunrise are just a couple of the taste treats from Hippeas the younger generation are looking for when they reach for a snack.

There is also something called Vegan White Cheddar and Maple Haze. Finally there is Happenin’ Hickory and Pepper Power from Hippeas Snacks. All of these are geared towards offering something that is really good tasting, but also encourages people to take care of one another and each other. Livio Bisterzo wants to make sure his company is doing more than just making a quick buck.

Michael Zomber’s Contribution to the History Channel


Michael Zomber was born of German immigrants in Washington D.C in 1949. His family relocated to New Jersey when he was just a child. Later, they settled in Pennsylvania where he attended school. He would later study at Villanova University, University of Illinois and Oberlin College. He is today the proud holder of several degrees in language and literatures.

Michael Zomber is easily one of the world’s most talented storytellers. Having witnessed the horrors of numerous wars in his earlier life, he decided to use the power of the pen to share his experiences with the world. He has six books and numerous screenplays under his belt. Some of his published books include Son of Kentucky, Jesus and the Samurai and Sweet Betsy That’s Me.

Zomber’s expert insight is perhaps best displayed on The History Channel. In the much acclaimed series aptly named Tales of the Gun, he has contributed widely as a guest historian. The series has titles such as Shotguns, Guns of the Famous, Million Dollar Guns, Automatic Pistols, Dueling Pistols and Guns of the Orient.

On The History Channel, Zomber preserves history by shedding light about his collection of antique arms. He describes some of his most beloved collections and defines the war in which each arm was used. He also states where the arms were efficient or not. Through his writing, readers understand the perspective of the wars in which Zomber’s arms were used.

Michael Zomber shares his thoughts and factual information about notable weapons used by historical figures such as Simone Bolivar and George Washington. Evidently, he mixes his literature wits and vast experience in gun collection to create an impressive portfolio.

Through the series, he has received several commendations and awards. For example, the authority of Japanese samurai swords has severally endorsed him for his role in protection of the Japanese martial arts history.

Apart from writing, Michael Zomber has been collecting vintage guns and armory for nearly 40 years. He is a respectable authority in the world of Japanese Samurai swords. In collaboration with his wife, Andrea, Zomber produced a well-received documentary film called Soul of the Samurai. Together, they have two children, Gabriella and Christopher.  Read more about Zomber, and his passion for history on Citrite.


Two Great Businessmen Create A Fast Trending Brand

JustFab co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler understand the way to see trends, grow companies and develop brands that dominate the industry. JustFab has become an international leader in the e-commerce industry. Most recently, JustFab has expanded into nations outside the USA, including Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler explain their business tactics and ethics as being second nature to them. They have to develop this company just as if they were raising a young child. Constant supervision and direction are critical especially now that JustFab is at the top.

Lots of brands concentrate the majority of their time finding the best way to sell their merchandise compared to what products sell the best on JustFab’s website could appear excellent; their advertisements could be catchy, and their social media posts could be very entertaining but if customers don’t enjoy the product, customers won’t shop with them again. JustFab designs and fabricates the merchandise which helps produce an excellent product at a fantastic price for its customers. Adam and Don are proud of the merchandise they’re selling, and they understand what keeps their customers coming back.

Because Adam Goldenberg and Don have always been quite metrics-driven, they now have the opportunity to learn fast and adapt their company. They look at the companies numbers daily occasionally hourly which keeps them on their toes. If they discover something isn’t working they move onto a different approach. Every business will have its ups and downs. Companies must make the right changes to a business decision quickly or risk losing profits and potentially the loyal customer base that follows. JustFab has always been a huge believer in complete transparency. By sharing real numbers, good and bad, with the entire executive team, it helps everyone understand the tactical changes that must be made to keep the company successful. Don Ressler Adam Goldenberg both bring years of experience to the table along with superb leadership skills. They both understand that every company must have great leaders for it to survive. Adam and Don have assembled a highly driven team of executives to ensure the future success of the company at They have one primary goal in mind. Continue creating great products that their customers will love and always appreciating the dedication and hard work its employees give each and every day.