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Whitney Wolfe Is a Dating App Superstar

Whitney Wolfe is a hard-working entrepreneur who appears to have it all. She’s a businesswoman who is capable, experienced, driven and well-rounded, too. That explains her many successes to date. She founded Bumble, first of all. That’s only the mere beginning of business achievements, however. This young lady has the distinction of being the proud CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the most rapidly expanding dating app in the entire United States. This app is equipped with more than 22 million participants who are based in all different parts of the planet. People can hardly believe just how young Wolfe is, either. She’s just 28 years in age.

People who see Wolfe in action can tell that she’s a business success story. Her career in the app world is on fire. Her personal life appears to be going just as well, too. She just got married in Italy. Her new husband is called Michael Herd. Herd is at the helm of various dining establishments. He’s more than a restaurateur. That’s because he simultaneously works in the gasoline and oil fields.

Wolfe is considered by many people to be a pioneer of sorts in the dating app realm. That’s thanks to her app’s revolutionary approach to the whole concept. The app encourages females to initiate interactions with potential dating partners. That’s what sets the app apart from the rest of its competitors. It’s an app that has an innovative, fresh and creative feel. It has a feminist edge that’s appropriate for the modern day, too.

Many women in the past have felt too intimidated to initiate contact with possible dating partners on apps and websites. Wolfe’s app, though, has changed that for countless women everywhere. Women all over the planet now have the confidence to go after the things they want in life. They now have the confidence to pursue dating partners who pique their interest and curiosity. They can appreciate Wolfe for that, too.

Wolfe is the definition of a hard worker. She’s constantly focusing on technological advancements. She’s always putting her attention on changes and introductions in the vast app world. That’s why it can be hard to anticipate the future of her app. There’s no doubt, however, that it’s going to have many bright “tomorrows.” It looks like Wolfe is going to be changing the dating world for many years to come. She shows zero signs of slowing down.

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