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Norka Luque’s Latino Sound Is Finding Its Way Into The Mainstream Music Scene

There hasn’t been a pop music singer that has the ability to cross over into the mainstream music scene since Shakira did it several years ago. But Norka Luque, another Venezuelan singer, is doing just that. Norka’s first album is a hit in the Latino music industry, but her single Milagro, is crossing over, and radio stations around the country are talking about Norka Luque and her unique sound. Norka has what it takes to be an international recording star. She has the voice, beauty, brains and the desire to be the best and it shows. But Norka didn’t just arrive in the States from Venezuela yesterday and race to the top of the dance charts. It’s been a long, arduous road for the Venezuelan beauty, and there have been several bumps in that road that changed the direction of her life.

Norka Luque wasn’t born in poverty in Caracas. Her family provided what she needed to help her pursue a career in music. Norka studied piano and took voice lesson while she was in school. When she graduated from upper school, her parents sent her to France to continue her studies. Norka earned a degree in marketing, fashion, and the culinary arts while she was in France. She also got experience in the French dance clubs when she got a job with the band, Bad Moon Rising. Norka had quite a following in France, but she decided to move to Miami after a Ricky Martin’s concert. Martin’s music was her kind of music, and she knew Miami was the place to get recognized.

Luque started singing in the dance clubs on South Beach when she arrived in Miami. Her unique sound combines Latino pop with reggae and a Mediterranean beat, and it captured the hearts of the clubbers on South Beach. She developed a loyal following, and the word spread there was a Venezuelan singer that had all the ingredients to be a superstar. Emilio Estefan got word that Norka had the voice he needed for his next project. When Emilio heard her sing, he immediately offered her a recording contract, and that changed her life. Estefan is the man behind Shakira, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony and his wife, Gloria Estefan. Gloria has also played a role in Norka’s career. In fact, some people say Norka reminds them of Gloria in a way. Their voices are different, but their desire to entertain is the same. Follow Norka on Twitter @Norkaluque to learn more.

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