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The Story Of Financial Services.

NexBank Capital, Inc is a financial institute based in Dallas that shows the promise of great potential and growth. Leaders within the institution have taken steps to help with financial growth of the company, beginning with the placement of $54 million with a team of investors. Investment notes are set to mature in September, 2027, and NexBank has already seen $283 million raised through their investments. All of the investments are to be used for corporate purposes.

NexBank offers a wide variety of services. Services offered include personal banking, commercial banking, institutional banking, and mortgage banking.

Personal banking services through NexBank provide many options for customers. With checking accounts, the customer can choose a Platinum One account that includes features like a dedicated personal banker, and the opportunity to earn interest. There are many options for savings as well. Savings options include a traditional savings account, certificates of deposit, and high yield money market accounts.

Commercial banking benefits commercial & SBA loans for businesses to help them get on the right track. Agency services that cover the industries of Media and Publication, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Transportation and Airline, Retail, Real Estate, Hotel and Hospitality, and Manufacturing are provided to help companies run more smoothly also. NexBank also offers treasury services to help companies with the cash managements aspect of their businesses.

NexBanks offers commercial mortgage services that include warehouse lending for businesses with the promise to deliver quick and reliable funding, and flexible solutions for meeting lending goals.

Aside from personal and commercial banking, NexBank also offers Institutional banking services that help financial institutions to grow and expand. Services offered include revolving lines of credit, tailored depository services, and loan participation. Treasury services, investment banking, and real estate advisory are all offered with the Institutional banking services as well.

NexBank offers services for personal banking as well as for business banking. NexBank thinks about both, the big guy, and the little guy. With almost 100 years in service, the customer can rest assured that they will be satisfied with the tailored and personalized services the receive from NexBank.