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Investors Should Care What George Soros Is Doing With His Money

As at the last quarter, George Soros, a legendary investor, sold 37% of his stocks holding and bought more gold stocks. When investors such as Soros make such move their action, need to be considered precisely. Soros has made his $24 billion fortune over the last few decades from his speculations on markets trends.

Soros is concerned over global economy, earlier this year, he warned against China economy slump saying that it reminds him 2008 global financial crises according to Soros is not alone, other prominent investors such as Stan Druckenmiller has expressed the same concerns.

The Hungarian –American investors, is the chair of Soros Fund Management, which he created after closing his hedge fund. On average, it generated 30% annual returns on investment. George Soros is known in global platforms as “The Man, Who Broke the Bank of England”, this came after he shorted $10 billion against British Pound in 1992. His speculation was entirely right, and he made $1 billion from a single day trade (1992 UK Black Wednesday).

Soros, 85, is also an active philanthropist. In response to the financial blessing he has received over the years, he supports American Liberal and progressive causes. George Soros has also donated more than $11 billion to broad range community initiatives over the years. Moreover, he will never be forgotten for his significant role in Eastern Europe peaceful transition from communism to capitalism.

History has shown us that leaders with proven track of success leave a wake of success and from an investment point of view, George Sore perfectly fits the bill. Thus, investors should care what Soros is doing with his money.

George Soros move has been replicated by Glenview Capital Management, a global hedge fund led by investment guru, Larry Robbins. The firm has cut its stock holding by 22 percent to 13.6 billion in the last quarter. Besides, Phil Davis, the CEO of PSW investment also echoed Soros moves, and he said that they are on the same page with Soros. Further, he explained gold is a sensible hedge, not just due to anticipated decline on the Dollar, but also due to the expected decline of other global currencies.
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Considering banks are moving toward negative interest, gold and gold stocks become direct beneficiaries of “risk-off” environment. In 2016, gold emerged as one of the strongest performing markets, while gold stock continues to be among the top performing sectors on the Wall Street. Within the first three months of the year, gold for immediate delivery has experienced 16 percent jump. This comes as the biggest quarterly surge since 1986.

Protecting Wealth by Utilizing Gold

People are always looking for the next best investment, and while there are a ton of options out there that can increase a persons money, without question one of the safest investments is in gold. This is specifically true if you follow the price of gold and can tell when it is going to go up in value. The biggest thing that makes gold a great investment is that it is an actual physical object, which is considered valuable in every culture, which means that it is going to retain its value no matter what.

The Gold News Network says of the US Money Reserve as it means that gold is a solid investment, because nothing can happen to it to make its value go away, except for the fact that the overall price per ounce may fluctuate. Any monetary system can crumble or significantly drop in value, as has happened a massive amount of times in history.

This means that you can have millions of dollars, but if something happens to the worth of the dollar, or any other type of money system that is being used, that value could dissipate or even disappear. It is a flat out smart investment because of this, and in fact, many monetary systems around the world back up their paper money systems with gold and other precious metals and stones.

An AustinChamber report has it that the US Money Reserve says that gold is one of the last few recession proof currencies, and that it is one of the best ways of safeguarding wealth. Backing up your cash and other assets with gold is an amazing way to protect your wealth, as there is no debating the fact that gold is going to retain its wealth as a solid form of currency.

Even if you do have your assets and money spread out, it is incredibly smart to stash away a decent portion in gold, just in case. If you want to purchase gold, you can buy bricks of gold, as well as different gold pieces and coins from places such as the US Money Reserve.

If you time it right, you can even make quite a bit of money by purchasing gold when it is cheaper to buy per ounce, which happens periodically.