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A Chemical-free Clean!

What if I told you that you could achieve healthy, brilliant locks of hair without shampoo? Pretty unbelievable, I know, but WEN cleansing conditioners by Chaz Dean, offer an escape in your beauty routine-an escape from those harmful chemicals commonly found in grocery store products. Grocery store shampoos often contain sodium laurel and/or laureate sulfates which strip hair of its natural healthy oils acting more as a stripping agent than an actual cleansing agent. WEN is different. Why? WEN uses natural extracts from green and black teas, oils from oranges, geraniums, grapefruit peels, cinnamon bark, and a ton of other wholesome, natural ingredients to cleanse the hair from root to tip instead of just stripping it. WEN cleansing conditioners are also just as easy to use! Wen cleansing conditioners can be integrated into your normal showering routine or as a leave-in conditioner. The amount of product suggested for use is found on the bottle but keep in mind your hair is uniquely you and you may need less or more depending on your length and hair’s body. In the shower you simply rinse hair, pump product onto hands, rub in hands then onto your hair, being thorough in covering it all, and then leaving it to be rinsed out at the end of your shower routine. Easy! Using WEN as a leave-in is even simpler! All you’d need to do is pump a litter onto your hands, rub it in, and comb it through!

Brilliance is only a bottle away! WEN cleansing conditioners by Chaz Dean allow for a natural cleansing of your lovely locks instead of a harsh strip down offered by those grocery store products you’re used to using. Kick the chemicals! Stop cleaning and start cleansing your hair! To order Wen, go to

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