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How Rocketship Education Involves Parents In The Hiring Process Of Educators

Rocketship Education is a public charter school network based in Redwood City, California. It was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2006, Preston Smith and John Danner. It is a nonprofit that primarily teaches minority children in poorer school districts.

One of the many ways that Rocketship Education is different is that parents are part of the hiring process when a school needs to bring in a new educator. They have open job interviews where parents can talk to the prospective teachers about their experience, teaching philosophy, and other issues. As the chief executive officer of the company Preston Smith says that this helps to find the best available talent for their schools. He said that somewhere between three and six families with a student at the school will receive specialized training so that they can participate in panel interviews. Some of the Rocketship Education schools will instead hold a community meeting where any parent can show up and meet the final candidates for positions.

At Rocketship Education they use a blended-learning style to teach students. The students, from grades kindergarten to fifth grade, will have a regular classroom for part of the day and the other part of the day they will use technology to learn. This allows students to learn in the way that best works for them.

The goals of Rocketship Education is to give kids from lower-income families the quality education that children living in wealthy areas receive. Students in public schools in low-income areas generally don’t receive a very good education because of a lack of resources and low pay encouraging teachers to go elsewhere. Most of the children that attend their schools are also minorities, many of whom speak English as a second language which can be an additional challenge to face.

In order to help the students called Rocketeers, at Rocketship Education schools the school environment is predictable and positive in nature. This helps each student learn in a way that hones the social-emotional skills that they will need in their future education and life beyond school.