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Moving Forward With Technology

Securus Technologies is a technology company that has clients in the law enforcement, public safety, and corrections sector of the market. Securus Technologies has been in business since 1986 and had been creating technology for over 3,400 agencies and 1.2 million inmates across North America.


It was recently announced that Securus Technologies would be acquiring GovPayNet in the near future. GovPayNet is a credit and debit card processing company. Their focus is on government agencies. Their software allows card payments to go through for events such as court fines, traffic tickets, parking violations, and bail money.


The decision by Securus Technologies to add GovPayNet to its current list of services will allow their company to grow in a positive direction. They will be able to offer their customers a larger amount of services from a company they already trust.


Robert Pickens is the CEO of Securus Technologies and he is very excited about the acquisition. He likes that GovPayNet has over 20 years of experience and that they have an excellent reputation already in the law enforcement community. Mr. Pickens has stated that with the addition of GovPayNet, Securus Technologies will be able to process over 40 million credit or debit payments annually.


Securus Technologies strives to always be doing the next best thing and to bring the best product they can to their customers. Adding the services of GovPayNet will allow Securus Technologies to serve their customers in more ways and meet more of their needs. The future looks bright for the services that Securus Technologies can provide on a daily basis.


Why Securus Technologies and the Local Prison Work Well Together

When I started working as a corrections officer in our state prison, times were much different than they are today. Only a decade ago, the inmates basically ran the prison, and even though we had to manually monitor the phone calls they made, it was difficult to stay ahead of the violence. Today, thanks to the efforts of Securus Technologies, me and my fellow officers now have the ability to stamp out violence before the inmates can put anyone in harm’s way.


The reason that our facility partnered with Securus Technologies is because they have their inmate call monitoring system already in thousands of jails, and it is the key for officers to stop the inmates from getting out of line and putting everyone behind those walls at risk of injury. The CEO, Richard Smith, says that Securus Technologies has become such an important tool for officers in the effort to maintain safety because all Securus Technologies are working to make this world safer for everyone.


In the past, the inmates could use the phone system in the jail to reach out to those on the outside to instruct them how to smuggle in goods, get word to other parties, or conduct other illegal activities. With the LBS software, me and my fellow officers not get an alert as the monitoring system is carefully screening every second of every call, putting us in position to stay ahead of any incidents.


This year alone, we have stopped a large shipment of heroin from getting smuggled in because of a call we picked up on. The software detected an inmate was looking to get a weapon, and we intercepted that weapon at the gate. The software even alerted us to gang orders to attack a rival member in the yard, which we took care of.


Why Securus Technologies Is One of The Best Ways To Contact a Friend or Family Member in Jail

Securus Technologies is a program that has been made by a company that has been accredited and recognized by the BBB, Better Business Bureau, ,as being a top choice in the department of communication via video conferencing with individuals who are incarcerated. That’s right; one can now communicate with a family member or friend who may be jailed in a correctional facility from their very own home. This eliminates the need to drive from one’s home to the jail, which for many, can be quite a length of distance.


Booking a time at one’s preferred time may seem impossible at times. Thus, the one who wants to visit may have never had an opportunity to go and visit their friend or family member due to having work or other important obligations. By utilizing Securus Technologies, one can have assurance of knowing that their communications will not only be made safely and securely, but also will be conducted in the first place, whereas, booking a time through visitation at one’s preferred time is never a guarantee. One can almost always be certain that they will be able to schedule an appointment for video conferencing with their friend through the program of Securus Technologies as long as the correctional facilities where the inmate is jailed in offers the utilization of it. If you are unsure about whether or not the particular jail offers the utilization of Securus Technologies, please do not hesitate see if it does through the company’s website. You will not regret making the decision of utilizing this brilliant and efficient tool for optimal qualities of communication.


Securus Technologies Provides Information Regarding GTL Press Release

Companies use press releases for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is making company announcements. When something occurs within a company that key people feel should be made known to the public, the company will create a press release to make a formal announcement. The use of press releases can be a powerful way for companies to keep the public informed about the company.


However, there are times when a company will use a press release that will include information regarding another company. With press releases of this nature, the company mentioned in the press release my feel the need to respond to what was said in the press release. Recently, this occurred to Securus Technologies. The company was mentioned in a press release sent out by another company GTL. The press release involved various issues about patents and technology that concerned the two companies.


Securus Technologies sent out a press release for the purpose of trying to correct information that was included in GTL’s press release. The total focus of Securus Technologies press release was to state the company’s view that the claims made by GTL were inaccurate.


In Securus Technologies’ press release, the company stated that the claims made by GTL contained numerous misleading statements regarding the technology and patents that the two companies have a difference of opinion on concerning rights and ownership. Securus Technologies pointed out claim by claim what it felt were the misleading statements made by GTL.


I think that the press release sent out by Securus Technologies regarding the GTL press release was done in a professional manner. The press release just addressed the claims made against Securus Technologies and presented the reasons why Securus Technologies felt the claims were misleading.


Securus Technologies  is a company in the a technology field. The company provides a variety of technology products to safety related organizations.



Securus Technologies Moving Forward With Optimism

One of the tragic realities of a person’s life is getting locked up in prison. The American criminal justice system is a vast jungle of insane regulation and disenfranchised minorities. Securus Technologies wants to help the most vulnerable find the hope and encouragement they need in their dark situation. Recent data indicates that minorities, particularly blacks, are incarcerated longer for committing the same crimes as white people. Securus Technologies deeply regrets this fact, which is why they are so happy to be in the business of helping those affected by the injustice of American justice.


Securus Technologies was recently challenged by GTL over patents. This challenge is hindering innovation and stifling growth. Securus Technologies is happy to offer the public all sorts of new opportunities. When competitors challenge Securus Technologies, they are giving the message that they do not value innovation. Securus Technologies’ products are high quality, and focused on maximizing the return on investment for prisoners and staff. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


One of Securus Technologies’ primary products is the video chat system. The video chat system allows lonely prisoners to communicate with those they care about, and see how they are doing. Securus Technologies is so happy to provide this to those who deeply miss their family. While the industry is fiercely competitive, Securus Technologies remains happy and devoted to all their customers.


Securus Technologies has grown to be a major provider of equipment for prisons. They are based in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies is hoping to see further improvements like its ingenious electronic prison complaint form. The electronic prison complaint form permits prisoners to efficiently log their issues in a way that does not hinder staff’s efforts. The joy that Securus Technologies receives from staff cannot be underestimated. Staff are giving such positive feedback to something that used to take them a long time to do.


Securus Technologies Enabling Easy Communication

Securus Technologies is a leader when it comes to providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Securus America Technologies ( provide solutions for public safety, correction, investigation, and monitoring. Securus Technologies announced the successful user adoption of the company’s mobile application for inmates’ video phone calls.

The Android app as confirmed by PR Newswire, since it was launched has received over 60,000 downloads while the Apple device received 5,000 downloads after a week of being launched.

The Securus Video Visit mobile application is a representation of the how the company serve and connect. People will now be able to link with each other in a much easier and convenient way with their incarcerated friends or families. This app gives families and friend a much easy way to connect with their relatives and friends. In the past one was limited to the option of a phone call or physically visiting. The visit to the prison and jail will now be easy and convenient to all.

The app will be free, and it gives families a chance to connect with their loved once especially on special occasions. To download the Securus Video Visit app visit the Google Play store for Android and App Store for Apple. Also a Youtube video tutorial on Securus can be watched.

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas and it serves more than three thousand public safety correction and law enforcement facilities.

Securus Technologies is dedicated to serving and connect by providing emergency response, public information, incident management, communication, information management, inmate self-service, investigation, biometric analysis, and monitoring products and services to make the world we live in safer for everyone.

Securus Technologies gives a public safety solution that is designed to help law enforcers collect, visualize, consolidate, store and distribute information quick to enable critical information for emergency response

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