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Get Exemplary Lung Stem Cell Treatment At The Lung Institute.

Lung Institute’s doctors have a vast knowledge that enables them to gain proficiency and global recognition in the application of revolutionary and quality stem cell therapies for lung infections. The extended period of medical expertise equips them with patient experience that ensures safety and superior quality healthcare. We do stem cell operation using the individual’s stem cells in combination with platelet-rich plasma to enhance healing of the damaged lung tissues. Because lung diseases inhibit breathing, our therapy meant for outpatient improve the patients’ quality of life and help them to breathe easily.

Lung Institute recognizes that every patient has their history and background information, but the common thing with them is that they have chronic lung infections. We diligently treat all the patients according to their desires because we recognize that the patients deserve medical care unique to their situation. The mode of treatment applied in the Lung Institute involves screening the patient carefully, analyzing their health history and the current condition to realize the best results from treatment. As posted on the Lung Institute’s website, the recent meeting in Italy depicts that the institute does extensive research before adopting any method of therapy.

Lung Stem Cell Treatment.

The therapy harness maintenance ability of the stem cells. The stem cells are first withdrawn and the separated from the bone marrow or blood. They are then re-introduced into the body where they rest in the lungs and bring about natural healing and reduction of inflammation. One of the illnesses treated using the stem cell therapy is the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The condition causes a restricted air inflow and outflows from the lungs consequently making breathing hard. The method of treatment is holistic because the blood is enriched with plasma so that it increase the rate of healing of the damaged tissue.

Many sufferers of chronic lung illnesses have trouble breathing thus need oxygen support all day. However, it would be important to know that with treatment, you would not need to walk around with oxygen or walker. There is plenty of treatment options available and if you want to find out more, contact the patient coordinators or browse the Lung Institute’s site by clicking, also you can message us on our Facebook account.





InnovaCare Health And Its Stance On Current Issues

InnovaCare Health is a leader in the health care field, as it provides Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans through two Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico. They are PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare.

Currently, membership includes almost 200,000 individuals and families who are served by a network of over 7,500 different providers on Two Medicaid plans are also offered which are operating through the Puerto Rico Government Health Plan.

These two plans of InnovaCare Health work through MSO of Puerto Rico with the mission of offering extensive service to the whole of the provider networks of professional medical personnel in Puerto Rico. The focus is on the optimization from an operations standpoint as an effort to maximize the effectiveness of quality delivery of services to patients. Administrative support and ongoing communication resources are the tools used to provide workable solutions for any problems that arise.

InnovaCare Health has recently hired new healthcare executives onto the leadership team of the company. Two of these individuals have an extensive background in working with Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Newly appointed Chief Administrative Officer is Penelope Kokkinides, who has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare space. She specializes in the managed care industry, specifically as to how these programs integrate with Medicaid and Medicare.

Penelope has a vast amount of experience in her prior work experience in regard to the development of clinical programs and the in the management of processes and operations of delivery of healthcare to the ultimate consumer.

Named as Chief Accounting Officer is Mike Sortino. He previously worked for Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance as their controller. Mike has over 20 productive years in the reinsurance and insurance industries, and five years of experience in public accounting.

Jonathan Myers is the company’s new Actuary Officer. He worked for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Sheild prior to coming to InnovaCare Health as their director of actuarial services. Jonathan was also the chief actuary for Heritage Medical Systems prior to his Blue Cross Blue Shield experience.

InnovaCare President and CEO, Rick Shinto states that each of these individuals brings a rich slate of practical experience and the professionalism that is critical to the future of InnovaCare.

With the ever-present and unpredictable changes that occur in the healthcare industry, the extensive background of each of these individuals are vital. The assurance that the complex issues that can occur in this field relating to the entire process of health care delivery will be solved.

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