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The Chainsmokers Living The Good Life Following Success Of Latest Singles

2018 Started out as a good year for The Chainsmokers. They had released new music and attended music awards where they brought home big awards for the music they created and they even landed a job playing in Las Vegas as DJ’s.

For the Chainsmokers, the latest single “Sick Boy” has turned up a whole new side of the group. They had been pretty regular on the music they were releasing and when it came to recording something that they wanted to be remembered by, they wanted to make sure that it was something worth waiting for. The duo went into the works of establishing new ideas and using those ideas to create new music.

Up until 2018, the duo had been recording songs and releasing them one right after another. There was no down time for the duo. When it came time to record their latest works of art, they wanted to be sure that it was the best they could do. That is why they waited for nearly 8 months before the song was released.

In the history of the Chainsmokers, they have been known to turn the heat up by following a pattern of guesswork for their fans. In one particular case, the fan base had heard rumors swirling around about the Chainsmokers working alongside of Coldplay for a new single or track. Neither party had acknowledged the rumor as true or false. It wasnt until the night of the Britain Music Awards that the truth came out and the song was released. The song then went on to being placed on Youtube and quickly earned more than 9 million views, all within a days time.

The Chainsmokers were quick to knock down the prior record holder which just so happened to have been Justin Beiber. The previous record had been just over 8 million views in a 24 hour period. Both videos that did well at views happened to have been lyric videos.

The Chainsmokers never imagined that their lives would end up as successful as they are right now. Recording singles with top recording artists, living the good life in Las Vegas as paid DJ’s and number one selling singles. All of that is a success that most artists wait years for.

Clay Hutson’s Thoughts on Stage Production

Clay Hutson is an entrepreneur currently based in Nashville. He graduated from Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in theater design and technical production. Hutson would then continue on to earn a degree in business administration from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. He has experience working as a sound engineer and production manager. Some of the artists Hutson has worked with are Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N’ Roses. He has also been the production manager of Getagrip Touring and Prince.

Since he has amassed skills and knowledge from his previous experiences of working with live performances and tours, Clay Hutson decided to open his own production company. His role within the company includes making sure the show is running smoothly and coordinating the plans of action for each event with his staff. He comes up with the set design by envisioning where the sound and lighting should be and then works to bring that image to life. Hutson states that setting up and moving the lights have become easier and he is excited about the advances in technology. He also expresses his wish for producing shows that do not have to rely on a video screen projecting the artist to make for an amazing stage. He credits Lady Gaga and Pink as two artist that have great and exciting performances with their gravity defying acrobatic stunts.

As an entrepreneur, Clay Hutson needs to be prepared for the occasion as well as be productive so that he can make the most of his time. Hutson usually works three steps ahead and he plans his whole day when on the road. His advice to himself is that he should always be honest with himself and others and that family should be given utmost importance. Hutson also believes that when choosing who to work with, the person with the bad personality who is talented at their work, is better than someone who is polite and cooperative, but is not very good at the job.

Currently, Clay Hutson is managing the tour, “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” for Halsey. Some of the tour’s locations include Las Vegas, London, Montreal, Singapore, Jakarta, and Brisbane. Hutson has promoted the tour on Twitter, LinkedIn, and his own website.

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