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Lodge Owner Andy Wirth Sees New Side Of Olympic Valley Incorporation Fight

Fighting over incorporate Olympic valley is not a new thing for anyone in the area. Everyone who lives and travels in the area has heard about the battle over incorporation, and Andy Wirth has been at the center of the issue.

He owns the lodges of Squaw Valley Ski, and he wants to make sure that government will not simply take over the whole area.

He talked in the Reno Gazette-Journal about how he wants to make sure that everyone in the valley can have their voice heard all at the same time. He wants to be sure that all the people of the area feel good about having been heard, and he wants to stop the bickering that started as two sides formed. Andy Wirth believes that both sides can get what they want, and he simply is looking out for people who want to keep taxes low and the valley in shape.

The Olympic Valley is finally rebounding from some years of bad weather, and Andy Wirth is not the only business owner who has been impacted. He wants to make sure that every person living in the valley has a good job or can keep their business running.

His plan is to talk with everyone about their needs before consolidating the government, and he will help broker a deal that puts everyone in the right position for their future. Land owners will pay less in taxes, and business owners can keep their businesses operating as normal.

Turning a page in the fight over Olympic Valley incorporation is very important for all the residents of the area, and these people want to have a chance to have the most fulfilling lives possible in one of the most beautiful vacation areas of the country.

No one can take over completely, and everyone will get the government they need for their livelihood.