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Democratics candidate increasingly back End Citizens United

End Citizens United continues its drive to get corporate money out of politics. Groups like the Justice Democrats supports its efforts to end the influence of large-money donors. To further its goals, the groups backs a number of Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterm elections. Democratic Socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Connor Lamb have both said they will not take money from corporate-sponsored political action committees.

Why have these candidates, along with many of their Democratic Colleagues made the choice to take the End Citzens United pledge? When Senator Bernie Sanders accused the United States of being run by an oligarchy. The candidate did not say that it was an oligarchy run by corporate interests, but he might as well have. Find out more about End Citizens United at

The recent net neutrality debate is one example where corporate interests, particularly those of the telecommunications industry, ruled the debate. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai even lied to congress about a DdoS attack on FCC servers in order to pass a net neutrality bill. The former FCC chairman even joked about being a Verizon shill. Pai, an Obama-era appointee raised to his current position by Trump is a former Verizon attorney. End Citizens United was silent on the net neutrality issue, but it was portrayed as a Republican versus Democrats issue, when in fact tech savvy members of both parties preferred keeping the net neutrality rules in place.

The Atlantic describes the End Citizens United pledge as merely symbolic because most congressional candidates do not receive money from political action committees, but it is a move many American voters expect from their candidates. The pledge is not something only Democratic voters expect to see. Many Republican voters expect to see their candidates forsake corporate PAC money as well.

At the moment, only Democratic candidates have made such a pledge. End Citizens United continues to back candidates who make this pledge, but the organization will back any candidate who refuses to take such funds. The organization was founded after the ruling that reinforced the idea that corporations have all the same rights as other citizens.


Francisco Domenech inspires Young Democrats

Democrats across the country woke up in bewilderment when Donald Trump, former reality television star, won the presidency. All the polls predicted a victory for Hillary Clinton. As the polls measure the likely popular vote, they were correct. However, the polls forgot to take the electoral college vote into account. There is no easy way to poll the Electoral college members. However, Francisco Domenech knows not to give up. He agrees, along with Saturday Nigh Live’s Hillary Clinton impersonator that it is not a good idea to give up. Domenech’s determination is inspiring a new group of young democrats. Visit to learn more about Domenech.

Not only is his determination inspiring young democrats, he has used his skill at bringing people together to form an organization called Young Democrats. The first chapter formed at the University of Puerto Rico while Francisco Domenech worked on earning his degree in political science. Such organizations often bring together people with similar interest and skills.

His political acumen serves him well in his current role as a community organizer and an adviser to many political campaigns. He even helped the current territorial representative to congress earn her position in the District of Columbia. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign represents the largest campaign on which he has worked.

When he is not busy performing the work of the people, or at least what he feels is the work of the people, he spends as much time as possible with his daughters. He even makes sure he spends time with them each morning before he sends them off on their daily routines. During his morning routine, he makes sure he catches up on his e-mails, the local news and the national news. This young Democrat and Young Democrats founder looks forward to working on the 2020 Democratic party presidential campaigns. No one knows who will run yet.

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George Soros was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest. He is an investor and philanthropist whose net worth is valued at $25 billion. He graduated with a bachelor’s in philosophy from London School of Economics and also holds a master’s degree in the same field.

He began his career working in various positions at merchant banks. In 1969, George Soros started his own Double Eagle which later changed to Quantum Fund -a hedge fund. With his first company he made enough profits that he used to start another hedge fund in 1970 known as Soros Fund Management. From $12 million worth of assets under its management in 1969, Quantum Fund on grew to $25 billion in 2011. His knowledge in philosophy made him develop philosophical principles to capital markets making him a step ahead in predicting asset bubbles, fundamental value of securities and value discrepancies used for shorting and swapping stocks.

Soros has an incredible back-story, as a teenager Jewish refugee he escaped persecution by the Nazis when he was 13 years old. This was after Jewish children were barred from attending school by the Nazis made to account to the Jewish Council. While studying, he worked as a railway porter and as a waiter. Due to his hard work, George Soros is now a philanthropist working for the good of refugees and a liberal world order. He has also earned himself comparisons with investors like great Warren Buffett.

Soros donated at least $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton and Democratic candidates on Politico. He invested in risky currency trades and gave more and more as the Election Day approached. Soros and Clinton have had a close relationship of over 20 years. Soros was actively involved in last year’s US elections more than he’s been in years to support his close friend in fear of Donald Trump. This was true according to his adviser who said that Soros giving in last year’s elections was exceptionally high on Biography, not just because he is in to support his friend but also because of the hostility on the opposition side toward several issues that matter to Soros cares including immigration reforms, criminal justice reforms and religious tolerance.

The billionaire scaled back his to political giving after an unprecedented giving in 2004 to defeat President George W. Bush worth $27million. By the beginning of last year’s half, he had donated $7 million, with a pledge of more to a group in support of Hillary. George Soros committed $5 million to another group devoted to increasing turnout among low-propensity Hispanic voters, another $5 million to a nonprofit committed to fighting conservative efforts to restrict voting, a whooping $2 million America Votes and another $1 million to a handful of state-based voter mobilization groups.

After the 2016 November election, Soros said that President-elect incoming administration is a threat to democracy. Soros also said that while the U.S. would put a stop to Trumps true authoritarian, his presidency would still set back the cause of freedom worldwide. Soros further added that Trump will calm down dictators from other countries, not considering American principles all for his administration’s accomplishment.

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