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Arthur Becker Astute Investor

Arthur Becker is an investment guru who is, currently, the managing member of the Madison Partners, LLC. Before joining this firm, Becker was the chairman and CEO of Zinio, LLC. This firm is renowned for having the largest distribution platform for downloadable content namely newspapers and journals. Becker was also the CEO of NaviSite a company that is listed by NASDAQ. The main responsibility of the company is to provide its clients with internet technology services in the US, UK, and India. In addition, Arthur has consulted for Vera Wang Fashion for a period of 7 years.

The Madison Partners LLC is a company that invests in real estate and bio technology. Arthur developed an interest in the field of real estate and bio technology back during his tenure in Zinio and NaviSite. Currently, Arthur Becker is developing condominium in New York City and Miami. These are developed cities with large markets for these developments. In fact, some of the developments in New York City are in the completion stage. Arthur intends to develop small luxury homes in Tribeca. Besides real estate, Arthur has invested in upcoming bio technology firms. Check out The Real Deal for more info.

Arthur Becker Career

According to NY Daily News, Becker is an astute trader who acquired his business skills from Turk School of Business at Dartmouth. The career of Arthur changed after joining NaviSite in the year 2002. Arthur was the company’s CEO and a board member before leaving the form in 2010. In the year 2012, Arthur joined Zinio LLC as the chairman of the board as well as the CEO. This vast experience has helped Arthur build his company, the Madison Technology Group LLC, since 2001 to date. Arthur also holds the position of a managing member in the Atlantic Investors, LLC since 2002.

Currently, Arthur spends much of his time inspecting his condominium developments. Arthur is also involved in the activities in the real estate business namely; entitlement, design, financing, construction stage, and marketing. In the bio technology field, Arthur is interested in the recent developments in cancer treatments. Over the years, Arthur has acquired a blend of management skills that have enabled him to thrive in real estate and bio technology.

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Tammy Mazzoco Conuqers Real Estate

When Tammy Mazzocco made a conscious decision to move from the role as secretary in a brokerage firm to actually becoming a real estate agent she knew that she had to do one thing. Tammy realized she would have to overcome her fear of communicating with people about their finances and the type of homes that they could afford based on their income. She knew that this was a challenge that would be something that would take some work. She took to reading books from Dr. Phil and relying on one of her favorite quotes from Dr. Seuss to help alleviate her anxiety about making this transition.

Mazzoco would go on to earn her real estate license in the nineties, and she would continue to build a roll as one of the most successful real estate agents in Central Ohio. According to, this is where she has gained experience and confidence from one of her mentors. Judy Gang has her own real estate company, and Tammy contributed this to the success that she has had in nearly two decades as a real estate agent.

Judy would be the one to Tammy is how to sell homes and communicate effectively. Tammy was apprehensive in the early stages about simply talking to customers, and she would use scripts from people that had already experienced this type of anxiety when they became agents. Tammy would rely on on her mentor and the internet to give her a feel for what customers were looking for. She would build a client base that would be so strong that it would become the backbone of the referrals that she received for selling new homes. Her passion for real estate, coupled with her inspiration from her mentor Judy Gang, would helper solidify her role as a real estate agent.

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