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George Soros Offers his Opinion and Contributions on Current European Asylum Policy

George Soros has expressed his dissatisfaction with the newly agreed asylum policy on that has been proposed and agreed by Turkey and imposed on other European Union countries by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. George Soros claims that for one, the asylum policy is not actually European but rather was instigated by Turkey. Secondly, the policy is not adequately funded. Thirdly, it has imposed quotas on member states hence it is not really voluntary. Lastly, Greece has been given the heavy burden of temporarily accommodating the large numbers of refugees coming in from the war-torn Middle East.

Changes that Soros Seeks to Make on the Asylum Policy

With the many deficiencies accredited to the Policy, the European Commission announced plans to make reforms to the policy. Below are the contributions of George Soros.

Given the desperate state of all the asylum seekers, legitimate ones should be allowed a chance to reach their preferred destinations. EU leaders should accept that refugees are actually here to stay and should instead arrange for financing to cater for them. This allows such countries to avert an impending crisis.

With the proper asylum system in place on, all asylum seekers should be well settled in member states. Children need to be placed in schools while other professionals should be properly phased in their respective fields as well. Additionally, all countries hosting refugees need to be adequately supported financially to allow them settle all refugees comfortably.

A system of settling refugees in different states needs to be implemented. Once one starts the process, they will be placed in one country and their settlement will be facilitated all through.

Around Û30 billion needs to be set aside annually for resettlement of refugees. The money can easily be raised by one of the many options available to the European Union for example borrowing funds using its triple-A credit history, Balance of Payment Assistance Facility or even the EFSM.

Finally, a positive political will needs to be cultivated among all the European Union member states. This will fast track an amicable solution that will avert an impending refugee crisis.

A Look at George Soros’ Life and Achievements

George Soros is a widely successful investor and Philanthropist who is currently ranked by Forbes as one of the richest men in America. With a net worth of 24.9 Billion dollars, it is easy to know why. He was born in Budapest, Hungary and holds Hungarian and American citizenship. He attended London School of Economics in 1947. He was lucky to study under Karl Popper, a well know philosopher, who greatly influenced him. In fact, George Soros borrowed the Open Society Foundation philosophy from Popper.

Before starting his own hedge fund, Soros worked for F.M. Mayer, Wertheim and Co as well as Arnhold and S. Blechroeder. He founded Soros Fund Management in 1970 and grew it into a premier and hugely successful firm. Soros is also an avid and passionate philanthropist. He has given a lot of donations and grants, worth billions, through his charity organization called Open Society Foundation.