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Whitney Wolfe Helps Singles Establish Better Connections

There has never been a time where meeting people has been so easy. It is true that you can catch up with a ton of old friends from Facebook, but it is very rare for you to have an opportunity to meet many new people through Facebook. The dating app community, however, provides a wide spectrum for people that want to meet others that are single. Whitney Wolfe has a ton of experience with helping singles make matches, and she is still under the age of 30.

A ton of singles might say that Whitney Wolfe has the ability to work as an expert in this field of dating apps because she has experience on both sides of the coin. She has been single and connected with friends that have talked freely about how hard it is to wait on the man to make the first move.


Whitney Wolfe is someone that has also married recently, and this gives her a better understanding of what expectations are when it comes to a marriage partner. All of these things combined, coupled with her initial steps in being a co-founder of Tinder, has allowed her to create a bold dating app called Bumble.

The game of dating is often referred to as a game of chance. People meet one another, and they have conversations that may lead to a possible match. In real life most adults do not have as much time to meet anyone new. If they are working they may get involved with someone in the office. If they go out a lot they met find other singles in clubs or bars. People that have moved beyond this club and bar scene, however, may be reduced to meetings with new people at work or in church. If they are not bouncing from one church or job over and over again they are typically going to run into the same people.

Dating apps provide people with the ability to meet more singles that are outside of the areas that they would usually go to from one day to the next. Whitney Wolfe wanted to spice things up by giving people the chance to connect with the woman making the first move. If she does not respond to a match in 24 hours the match is gone forever. With this she knew that she was cutting down on harassment in the dating app environment as well.

Julia Jackson’s amazing achievements

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson has stated that from a very young age she has always been very interested in wine. She states that they may seem a little weird to other especially since she has been surrounded by wine and wine making her entire life. Julia was born in 1988 in San Francisco, California. One of her biggest memories is of her father getting the kids sort, but first pick grapes in the hot weather, as he explained to the kids how important hard work is.Julia would, as a child, work at many different Jackson family wineries, after school and during the summers. Julia Jackson

This happens to be where Julia was able to form a life long relationship with one of the French speaking daughter of one of the winemakers, that happened to be employed by the family. Julias new friendship is the exact one that led to her learning French, spending a summer in Bordeaux and getting lost in a culture that she continues to love to this day. She is currently able to work along side the international sales team for the Jackson Family Wines. The team helps to introduce wine to a whole new generation of wine drinkers from all around the globe.

Julie Zuckerberg – One of the Most Talented Recruiters

Julie Zuckerberg is employed as a Talent Acquisition Leader with the position of Executive Recruitment Lead at Deutsche Bank. Before starting her career working with Deutsche Bank she studied at and graduated from the City University of New York – Brooklyn College as a Philosophy major and later continued her education studying law at New York Law School. After completing her Law studies, she managed to get herself a position at the company Hudson where she became a Director of Candidate Placement. Working at Hudson her responsibilities as Director of Candidate Placement included recruiting employees for a multitude of business positions, including attorneys and case managers. During the recruitment process, she was also responsible for providing information and details about the different places, such as benefits, guidelines and promotion possibilities. While working at Hudson as Director of Candidate Placement, she benefited greatly from her law studies as it allowed her to function as a bridge between recruits and Hudson’s legal management. Currently living in New York City, she sports more than ten years of work experience.


In 2007 Julie Zuckerberg decided to move on from Hudson. She worked for the company for five years. She moved to New York City and joined the Citi Global Consumer Bank taking a position as Executive Recruiter. She handled the company’s strategies for recruitment and helped polish them. She helped the company get ahead of the competition as well. She skillfully analysed and shared insight at conferences regarding the acquisition market.


In 2016 Julie Zuckerberg was promoted to the position of Executive Recruiter of Citi Global Functions. While she was working the job, she gained both exposure and wealth of experience in the field. She improved upon her skills and expanded them further. Julie Zuckerberg excelled at the position. Her responsibility was to search and recruit talented employees that would be able to contribute significantly to the company’s team and performance. After she had moved on from that position, Julie Zuckerberg accepted a job at the New York Life Insurance Company. She worked alongside Senior Management which enriched her practical skills.


After that, Julie Zuckerberg started occupying the position she is currently working – Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. Some of her responsibilities are to coach and counsel the recruitment executive groups at the bank. She also overlooks and manages the process of hiring people for positions of MD level and leads negotiations with clients and partners. Julie also keeps track of achievements and efficiency of the team and the new recruits to ensure that they are the best fit for the job. Another one of her responsibilities is to supervise client management and ensure that it is in line with the standards of the company.


Julie Zuckerberg has a long history of philanthropy work and volunteering. She organises fundraising platforms and finds other volunteers to participate in the fundraising events. Some of the charitable causes that she has been a part of include animal and human rights and welfare, economic empowerment, civil rights and social justice, culture and art.


Julie Zuckerberg strongly believes and supports efficient teamwork and friendly and productive communication among her colleagues and the teams she manages. She says that the skill that has helped her out the most in her line of work is her ability to understand what kinds of people would perform best at what kinds of jobs even when employees themselves can’t tell. This is a skill that Julie Zuckerberg has been cultivating and enhancing over the years.




Helane Morrison Is All About Honest Business

Helane Morrison is making waves in the corporate world of business. In the corporate world, it is often extremely difficult and sometimes truly impossible to find someone with honesty and integrity who will keep to the rules his or her entire lifetime. However, Helane Morrison has been doing exactly that, and she has been doing it for the past thirty years. Her entire lifetime she has dedicated herself to make sure that integrity is upheld in the workplace and in the world of corporate business. She has worked to expose fraudulent people and make sure that the underdog is always protected. 

The truth is that it all started in 2007 and 2008, when the stock market crashed. At that time, widespread corruption was exposed in Wall Street and in the world of business. False documents and audit claims all led to people losing their trust in Wall Street, and as a result, the stock market crashed, homes were foreclosed, and the economy went through its most trying time since the Great Depression in 1939. The truth is that people still do not have any trust in the economy. In a poll conducted by NBC, it was found that only twenty-eight percent of people living in the United States actually believe that the economy in this country is on the right track. 

That is where compliance officers come into the picture. Helane Morrison is one such compliance officer, and she dedicates herself to making sure that nobody is cheating on the job. 

Ms. Helane Morrison is a well accomplished woman. She achieved a degree in journalism in Northwestern University, Illinois. She then studied in the University of California Berkeley School of Law. 

She also has extensive experience in the world of law. She started out as a law clerk for the US Court of Appeals on the 7th circuit. She then went on to work for US Supreme Court Judge Harry A. Blackmun. 

She then went on to open up her own private practice where she had tremendous success. Before long, her amazing abilities were noticed by the government and she was given a position at the San Francisco office of the US Security and Exchange Commission. Eventually, she moved on to become a compliance officer.

Learn more about Helane by connecting with her through her Crunchbase or her LinkedIn profile here >>