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Wine And Working From Home

Everyone is looking for a little extra money. Whether you are a busy housewife or a salaried office worker having a bit more income is always helpful. The Traveling Vineyard offers an easy way to make money and have a good time simultaneously.

How does Traveling Vineyard model work?

For a low cost starter kit, priced at $150, salespeople are given everything they need to get started; wineglasses, a decanter, marketing material, brochures, and the first two wine kits. A tasting event is easy to set up. Invite a few friends together. Bring along the starter kit, set up the supplies, and the wine sells basically sells itself. Wine sellers make between 15% and 35% commission on the sales and on average sellers, or Wine Guides, sell about $400 per tasting.

What are the benefits of selling for Traveling Vineyard?

The monthly commission along with supportive website help Wine Guides be set up for success. With the ability to create their own schedules and no monthly quotas Wine Guides have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As members of the Direct Selling Association Traveling Vineyards is committed to ethical business practices which protect Wine Guides.

How does Traveling Vineyard’s social media presence help Wine Guides?

These days social media is everything. It is how people interact and how purchases are made. When an item or brand goes viral the money blossoms as well. Traveling Vineyard has an active social media presence which makes passive selling even easier for Wine Guides. It is as simple as sharing the Traveling Vineyard mulled wine recipes on Facebook or sending a message about a recently written blog entry about packing wines while traveling. Having a strong social media presence also makes setting up tastings easier and following up with attendees a simple click away.

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