Details Matter Say Lauren Conrad and Pro Party Planners 23 Layers

We’ve all imagined planning the ultimate, perfect party, be it at home, at a special venue, in the office, etc.

Television personality Lauren Conrad understands a party planer’s call for excellence, because she has thrown many memorable events and tackled a number of on-trend social facets like reality TV, the fashion world, book writing and Hollywood style.

The Laguna Beach native has some advice for those of you tempted to throw your own amazing party:

Relax, put out the welcome mat, pay attention to details, but let go of perfection.

Those little party planning nuggets keep working for Lauren, according to an interview with Redbook magazine.

Don’t make it too fussy or strait-laced, suggests Lauren, because your guests might begin to feel uncomfortable. Also, it’s great to have a themed-party, but too many requirements don’t sit well with Lauren’s husband William Tell.

Good food, drinks and company are what really matter, and Lauren can help you design a great party. The Little Market is Lauren’s online fair-trade retailer, which showcases homemade goods from artisans around the world, and her book Celebrate is an essential guide to entertaining.

Professional party/event planners like New York City’s Twenty Three Layers agree that details matter for an unforgettable party event, especially if you want to make “magical moments,” says CEO Jessica Boskoff.

Jessica should know; she has more than a decade’s experience in throwing the best celebratory events. When it comes to perfection, as a professional event planner, Jessica can guarantee it, because she covers every angle, from the ideal venue, the budget, the food, flowers, chandeliers and anything else your incredible event might need.

Event planners like Twenty Three Layers travel the world, looking for unique and gorgeous designs and decor for your special party. Jessica’s signature is fun, classy and impressive.

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  • Henry
    January 1, 2017 - 8:07 pm | Permalink

    For instance, if it’s a birthday party, Lauren says a hoedown is ideal, because your guests don’t have to go out and create or buy anything elaborate. She says everyone owns a plaid shirt and pair of cut-offs. I know for sure that could have gone a long way into making it happen for these ones too.

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