Doe Deere Eyed Beauty

The doe-eyed Russian beauty Doe Deere is known to be the “queen of unicorns” and the creator of the uprising makeup brand called Lime Crime. After coming to America, Doe began her entrepreneurship in New York. Her imaginative and ambitious spirit pushed her to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician. Doe lived in Manhattan for half her life but calls Brooklyn her stomping grounds because she spent most her time there and it is also where she established her band. Her life in Brooklyn is also a memory she shares with her husband who was also in the band. They worked very well together, as songwriters and musicians, they shared the same passion for music so finding a balance between work and life came very easy for them. Deere has always had an entrepreneurial attitude. At the age of 13, she started a tattoo business and sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. She started by advertising the artwork on her body and making it appear fashionable until her classmates also wanted the tattoos. As a child, she was always into bright colors and art and she would constantly color on herself.

Above all, she acknowledges how being a musician taught her how to be humble and appreciate when people came out to her events or supported her music. However, Doe Deere found a new passion in life which is makeup. In 2004, the fashion and makeup industry was centered around a natural look with nude colors but Doe, standing out among the rest of the world, gravitated toward vibrant and eccentric colors. From her uniqueness, Lime Crime was born. The named came to her when she was trying to launch her online store. Lime is her favorite color and living life on the wild side, she decided the name Lime Crime was going to bring her success and it did. Doe advises people that aspire to be like her to follow their hearts.

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    Makeup is a form of expression and she encourages everyone to be unique and follow their inner thoughts and dreams and they can also be successful. By the time Doe was 17 years old, she applied to FIT in New York and majored in Fashion. At last cheap essays will be the thing they should all use once and for all.

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