Doe Deere Markets to a Audience that Thinks Outside the Box

Lime Crime is a brand that Doe Deere is passionate about, and she stays connected with customers in hopes that customers will stay connected with her. As long as they can see her face and know who the CEO of this company is. This adds a greater level of confidence to what they are actually buying. Customers are loyal to Doe Deere because they can see her and they know that she is not some corporate bigwig that is solely out to make a profit. They feel that she is really a person that is passionate about what she is selling to her loyal fans.

She is just not going through the motions of bringing products to the market. To the contrary, she is doing what she knows how to do best. She is taking aim at creating a completely different brand of cosmetics. She did not want to keep her ideas in a box. She wanted to think outside the box and Doe Deere wanted her consumer base to think outside of the box along with her. So far this has been working to her advantage, and she certainly has a large growing customer base to prove this.

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Doe Deere has been very successful in creating a company that is incredibly different from what other companies are doing. She has certainly become a fan of leading people in the direction that she is going, but she is never tried to fall under the leadership of other people that are in top positions in the cosmetics world.

She really wanted to be her own person and establish herself as an individual force. She never seemed to have a desire to duplicate what everyone else wanted to do because she was too busy trying to sort out her own life and her own vision. This is working to her advantage because people appreciate individuality. She may not have known it at the time, but her Russian background mixed with her upbringing in New York City would play an essential part of giving her a high level of individualism. This would serve her well when she moved to the west coast and started her company because she would get an even greater vision that would spawn a whole new level of individuality because her personality expanded to a wider audience. Now people are getting familiar with her brand all across the world.

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