Duda Melzer’s Remarkable Success At The RBS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, Duda Melzer, is the Chairman and President of the RBS Group in Brazil. RBS Group is a leading multimedia and communications conglomerate with an extensive footprint in television, radio and print media. He is a grandson of the group’s founder and continues to carry the flag high since joining the firm in 2004. The group also has interests in technology, logistics, and e-commerce among others.

In an article on Dino, Duda Melzer has quickly built a prosperous career of executive leadership. He is a regular participant at technology conferences. He is the founder and chairman of e.Bricks Digital, the investment arm of RBS Group with a strong focus on technology start-ups. Duda Melzer is also a director of the RBS Group’s subsidiary Wine.com.br, the biggest online wine store retailing wine, beer, and custom coffee products. He has consulted for Booz Allen Hamilton.

He attended the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sula where he obtained a business administration degree. He went on to complete his Master of Business Administration degree course at Harvard Business School. He has previously worked for Delphi Corporation as a financial analyst and BoxTop Media among others. Duda Melzer was in charge of the national segment of the RBS Group from 2004. He rose through the ranks to the president position in 2012 and the chairman slot in 2016.

Duda Melzer is an award-winning business leader with numerous industry titles under his belt. He won the “Ernst & Young Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2015. He also made the “Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise” list of top twenty-five family business leaders in the same year. The RBS Group is the second most awarded communications group in Brazil bagging more than 180 awards in 2015. Duda Melzer is also associated with the Mercosul Biennial Foundation, a non-profit with a focus on modern art.

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