Francisco Domenech inspires Young Democrats

Democrats across the country woke up in bewilderment when Donald Trump, former reality television star, won the presidency. All the polls predicted a victory for Hillary Clinton. As the polls measure the likely popular vote, they were correct. However, the polls forgot to take the electoral college vote into account. There is no easy way to poll the Electoral college members. However, Francisco Domenech knows not to give up. He agrees, along with Saturday Nigh Live’s Hillary Clinton impersonator that it is not a good idea to give up. Domenech’s determination is inspiring a new group of young democrats. Visit to learn more about Domenech.

Not only is his determination inspiring young democrats, he has used his skill at bringing people together to form an organization called Young Democrats. The first chapter formed at the University of Puerto Rico while Francisco Domenech worked on earning his degree in political science. Such organizations often bring together people with similar interest and skills.

His political acumen serves him well in his current role as a community organizer and an adviser to many political campaigns. He even helped the current territorial representative to congress earn her position in the District of Columbia. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign represents the largest campaign on which he has worked.

When he is not busy performing the work of the people, or at least what he feels is the work of the people, he spends as much time as possible with his daughters. He even makes sure he spends time with them each morning before he sends them off on their daily routines. During his morning routine, he makes sure he catches up on his e-mails, the local news and the national news. This young Democrat and Young Democrats founder looks forward to working on the 2020 Democratic party presidential campaigns. No one knows who will run yet.

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