The gaming industry will bring to light the world of cryptocurrency confidently to the population. OPSkins is a global company which deals with sales and CasSelle is the CIO and also a bitcoin trader in the world. The founders of OPSkins are coming up with a platform for virtual asset trading and will be decentralised. WAX is a blockchain platform and marketplace for buying and selling of assets virtually between people. Within this system of trading practically, WAX helps the preventing the barriers of language, payment processing and security of assets and the traders. WAX will allow traders to enjoy safe and instant pay. WAX has been build to serve more than 400 million online players who trade gaming products.

The WAX system allows its users to trade their gaming assets regardless of their geographical location and instant buy and sell off assets from other players by just a click of a button. WAX Token is a currency for most gamers that will curb problems by the FOREX. WAX solves the problem of fraud in the virtual asset firms by getting rid of the middlemen who drive up the prices of the products. WAX supports the definite needs of the virtual trading market and also designed to provide the ideal user experience in the virtual asset trading community.

Malcolm CasSelle is the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange. He has led innovations in the digital world where he came up with MediaPass and has also been an investor in companies like Zynga and Facebook. He holds a degree in computer science which he acquired from Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a gifted entrepreneur, a leader and an excellent communicator in a setting of a firm’s goals. Malcolm likes e-commerce, gaming, bitcoin and team building.

Malcolm has been an advisor in Sensay, WeRecover, DirecTech Labs, VOTE CAST and Bringhub. He speaks Japanese and Mandarin which are the main languages in Japan and China respectively. He served as the advisor to the Chief Executive Officer and vice president at Pacific Century CyberWorks an information and communications technology company based in Hong Kong. Malcolm has also been an employee of Groupon, Timeline Labs and Tribune Publishing.


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