Meet Daniel Taub; A Renowned International Lawyer

While speaking to The Independent, Daniel Taub said that the Geneva Accord that was signed would not help in containing threats posed by Iran. He also added that the Geneva Accord could not slow the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

In 2013, a team of Israeli security officials held talks with officials from America in Washington over ways of creating partnerships that can help to reduce security risks. In the meeting, Taub proposed the cooperation between Israel and Sunni countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Taub said that there were numerous worries about Iran’s nuclear weapons. Daniel Taub noted that some of the areas that were significantly affected by Iran’s nuclear missions include Gaza, Beirut, and Damascus among others. Taub said that there was the need for countries to put their differences aside and collaborate towards ensuring security.

Daniel Taub stated that changes were happening around Israel that led to countries changing their approach towards security measures. Taub also reported that there was the need for sharing between Israel and its western allies. The deal signed by Iran signified one of the most diplomatic agreements between Israel and Islamic countries. Since 1979, Israel and Islamic countries have never agreed on important issues of ensuring security.

Mr. Hague reported that Iran’s decision was an important step towards ensuring security within the Islamic republic. Hague added that Iran’s new approach would boost security across the world.

However, Israel did not support Iran’s take on the issue. Mr. Taub noted that signing a deal with Iran does not guarantee through preventing Iran from acquiring bombs and other weapons. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub is a renowned international lawyer and a diplomat. Some of the articles he has written have been included in the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, and the Times among others.

Taub is also recognized for writing Parasha Diplomatic which gives insights on the Bible. Additionally, Mr. Taub is the chief scriptwriter of HeChatzer which is a well-known drama series in Israel.

Taub moved to Israel to work as a lawyer on Intellectual property. During the Madrid Peace Conference, Israel wanted to make peaceful negotiations with neighboring countries. Since Taub had pursued international law, he saw it as an excellent opportunity to work in Israeli foreign ministry.

Since he joined the department, he had maintained his position for more than two decades. Daniel tries to keep a balance while working to ensure business cooperation, intelligence sharing, and academic cooperation among other major concerns.

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