Michael Zomber’s Contribution to the History Channel


Michael Zomber was born of German immigrants in Washington D.C in 1949. His family relocated to New Jersey when he was just a child. Later, they settled in Pennsylvania where he attended school. He would later study at Villanova University, University of Illinois and Oberlin College. He is today the proud holder of several degrees in language and literatures.

Michael Zomber is easily one of the world’s most talented storytellers. Having witnessed the horrors of numerous wars in his earlier life, he decided to use the power of the pen to share his experiences with the world. He has six books and numerous screenplays under his belt. Some of his published books include Son of Kentucky, Jesus and the Samurai and Sweet Betsy That’s Me.

Zomber’s expert insight is perhaps best displayed on The History Channel. In the much acclaimed series aptly named Tales of the Gun, he has contributed widely as a guest historian. The series has titles such as Shotguns, Guns of the Famous, Million Dollar Guns, Automatic Pistols, Dueling Pistols and Guns of the Orient.

On The History Channel, Zomber preserves history by shedding light about his collection of antique arms. He describes some of his most beloved collections and defines the war in which each arm was used. He also states where the arms were efficient or not. Through his writing, readers understand the perspective of the wars in which Zomber’s arms were used.

Michael Zomber shares his thoughts and factual information about notable weapons used by historical figures such as Simone Bolivar and George Washington. Evidently, he mixes his literature wits and vast experience in gun collection to create an impressive portfolio.

Through the series, he has received several commendations and awards. For example, the authority of Japanese samurai swords has severally endorsed him for his role in protection of the Japanese martial arts history.

Apart from writing, Michael Zomber has been collecting vintage guns and armory for nearly 40 years. He is a respectable authority in the world of Japanese Samurai swords. Read more about Zomber, and his passion for history on Citrite.


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