NewsWatch TV; Trusted since 1990

NewsWatch TV is the twenty eight year old, multiple award winning, news serial that has put both Fortune 500 companies and recent startups alike on the map. Since it’s launch in March of 1990, NewsWatch TV went quickly from a once monthly program, to a once weekly program, and can now be seen on channels such as ION, AMC, and NewsWatch local affiliate stations. Currently featuring hosts Susan Bridges, Michelle Ison, and Andrew Tropeano, NewsWatch TV have become known as one of the world’s foremost purveyors of entertainment, celebrity, tech, medical, educational, and consumer product news. Several up and coming businesses, as well as established companies, would not be where they are without the help of NewsWatch TV.

NewsWatch were the winners of both the Platinum and Gold Marcom Award, in 2017, as well as winning the National Videographer award. NewsWatch TV were the recipients of the Silver Telly in 2016 and were nominees for a second. The long lasting series has always been committed to providing best production quality possible to their wide reaching audience when delivering information on issues, happenings, and products that are changing the face of the society we live in, the culture we experience, and the world at large. This commitment to professionalism, and top quality production, can be seen, not only in the multiple awards won by the series, and the unprecedented longevity of NewsWatch, but in the series’ incredibly consistent output.

Notable names NewsWatch TV have produced segments for include a host of Fortune 500 companies such as Outback Steak House, Casio, and D-Link. However, NewsWatch has helped many up and coming businesses as well. Look no further than Contour Design who enlisted the help of NewsWatch TV to boost their ergonomic workstations. The segment NewsWatch produced for Contour reaches over 95 million US households, gaining the company an amazing boost in sales and revenue. NewsWatch TV are trusted by their vast audience to deliver the best of the best when it comes to news and upcoming product launches.


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