OSI Group: Breaking New Ground In Asia

OSI Group, a major food supplier, has its eyes set on breaking new ground in Asia. The food production company has already opened facilities in the Americas, Europe and parts of Asia. But the country has rolled out a new set of plans of how they plan to expand their operations in the Asia-Pacific Market. OSI Group has always been a company of vision and advancement. It was the initial vision that got the company started by a German immigrant a century ago. In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky opened a butcher shop just two years after arriving to the United States. His west side Chicago butcher shop was opened to serve the heavily influence immigrant community. Ten years later, after the World War I, the businessman has opened second location.

This suburb location was opened to handle the wholesale side of the business. Decades later the businesses were paced down to Otto’s sons. Otto & Sons took the company to another level when it became the number one supplier for McDonald’s. The irresistibly tasty hamburger patty started by Otto was making its way into many McDonald’s across the United States. The small family owned business eventually blossomed into what it today OSI Group. It took many decades and much dedication to create a company that is successful in the meat industry. But this was all accomplished due to maintaining quality in food production.

OSI Group has sixty five facilities in seventeen countries. But the company has no plans of slowing down its rapid growth. In fact, the company is very interested in opening more facilities to run operations more effectively. The Asia-Pacific market is the market the company is focused on mostly right now. Although parts of North America, South America and Europe already have OSI Group facilities located in them, the company sees where they can advance their company with more infrastructure in Asia. Ever since 2010, the food supplier has been opening facilities in Japan and India. They are looking to make their poultry supply chain flow more effectively. Additionally, they are looking to add non meat items to their business operations.

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