Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. introduces property reports on its website

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has been helping a wide range of clients in the residential mortgage industry through its professional research and document processing services since 1991. This company is based in Palm Harbor, Florida and has an unprecedented reputation that was built over last 25 years. Its clientele includes but does not limits to mortgage lenders and investors including top ten residential mortgage servicers in this sector. While this company has diversified services i.e. Documentation, Research, Reports as well as Audits & Remediation services, it is highly popular among its clients for it is professional and highly accurate research and document processing services that have helped numerous homeowners and mortgage firms. The company has built up an impressive collection of nation’s land records which include but do not limit to property reports, lien release services, final document tracking, assignment services, document retrieval and other tailored and intuitive solutions.



The company has very recently revamped its website and introduced some new customer friendly features in it. Among those features, instant access to property records is considered to be helpful for its clients to protect themselves from title defects. This was indeed an earnest request from the clients as the number of title defects were increasing at an alarming rate in real estate industry. Title defects usually occur when an individual or entity makes a claim to a property that is already under the ownership of an individual, and there could be some factors that could render the property title as invalid. Such an incident can severely stagnate the industry and put the owners as well as the lenders under jeopardy. However, such situations can be avoided if they have access to the property records in the first place. This is why; Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has taken the initiative to make those property reports easily accessible to their clients.



According to the executives from Nationwide Title Clearing Inc, property records are truly essential to ensure clear title transfer as well as minimize the risk of buyback or inability to foreclose. Considering the safety of their clients, it was an obvious and intuitive initiative for them to come up with a simple process of obtaining property reports in the first place. The customers can now easily access these reports on their newly vamped site, and if required, they can also order them. These reports include everything that is required to clear property title such as Assignment Verification Report, Current Owner Report, Tax Status Report and so on.



This is another achievement for Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. that has been highly appraised for its professional services and initiatives in the past. For their excellent services, this company was awarded Hire Power Award for two consecutive years, and it also ranked 26th in the fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay in 2013.

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Will making land reports accessible eradicate title defects?

The real estate market, over the last few years, has become increasingly concerned with the problems caused by title defects. Such problems include wrongful foreclosures, and stagnation of asset transition in the secondary market. To achieve clear title conveyance, NTC is moving to revise property records, since it believes that this could minimize this menace.

The service provider for financial and mortgage industries has revamped its website. The updated version allows property owners to access documents that NTC considers crucial during title conveyance. They include:

– Current Owner Report

– Tax Status Report

– Assignment Verification Report Services

– Tax Status (Plus) Report

The reports listed above have been made available so that owners can verify whether they can be legitimately viable during title conveyance. The owners have the responsibility to check for the following requirements in the documents:

– Do the wordings comply with standards set by the area that the real estate is in?

– Have all signatures that are important for title conveyance, such as your spouse’s signature, been appended on the reports?

– Were the correct filing and recording procedures followed as the reports were being recorded?

– Have the errors that had previously been noted removed?

Such are the things that could cause title defects. NTC hopes that, by making the reports available, property owners will make connections wherever needed.

The CEO of NTC, John Hillman, states that this is another move to improve the firm’s service delivery. Hillman emphasizes that their property report can be accessed by any residential property in the country. This will bring them closer to their goal, which has been to make the process of securing the reports fast and simple.

NTC is known to produce accurately processed documents, as the information they get from their research, mostly from the counties, are reliable.


About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.

NTC is a post-closing service provider that has ventured into the residential mortgage industry to offer professional document processing services. With over 80% of renowned property owners under the company, it is the biggest firm of its kind in the country. Its CEO, John Hillman, attributes NTC’s success to its accurate research services, and advanced document processing that meets client requirements.

The company, through its CEO, recently opened another branch in Dallas, the first ever establishment apart from the main facility in Florida. Based in Dallas, Texas, the new facility will serve as a disaster recovery center, with full infrastructure that supports data backup. Hillman stressed the importance of the Dallas establishment, mentioning that it was important for their customers to believe in them, even in the case that anything disrupts regular flow of services in the main offices.

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NTC Study Examines Client Cost Savings


Get Immediately Softer Fuller Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products

Surprisingly, thousands of women have turn to EOS lip balm products because of the hypoallergenic ingredients that are great for the skin. Their lip balm products are chosen 10 to 1, over chapstick because they go on your lips moist and make them feel sensationally smooth. Their rich EOS products are popular among your favorite celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. EOS lip balm is infused with the top organic ingredients that are well known for being great on the skin. Sultry lips doesn’t have to be expensive or have to take uncomfortable cosmetic surgery.

Why Women Are Choosing Evolution Of Smooth?

Imagine full soft lips on those special dates or in your next selfie. Evolution of Smooth offers 100% organic ingredients packed with eleven essential amino acids. Their unique base comes with shea butter and jojoba oil to encourage healthy skin. They have sensational additives that offer natural lips and skin care. Evolution of Smooth offers nourishing lip balm products. Their products are dermatologist tested, cruelty, and gluten-free. They also offer a huge selection of shaving cream, hand, and body lotions. Evolution of Smooth is ready to transform your dull dry lips with the top organic ingredients in the industry.

Evolution of Smooth Products

– Mint kisser

– Vanilla bean

– Blackberry nectar

– Coconut milk

– Original EOS

and much more…

EOS products offer vitamins C and E to give you immediately softer skin on your lips. Soften your skin with natural skin conditioners that have worked for countless of women. You’ll receive beautifully delightful soft skin that transcends the effects of similar products. You can get their products from your favorite retailer on the beauty care aisle including Walmart, Target, Costco and eBay. However, you can visit the website,, for more details on services and products that are shipped right to your door.

For more details on the EOS, their founders and how they started, please read this Fast Company story.

Securus Technologies Provides Information Regarding GTL Press Release

Companies use press releases for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is making company announcements. When something occurs within a company that key people feel should be made known to the public, the company will create a press release to make a formal announcement. The use of press releases can be a powerful way for companies to keep the public informed about the company.


However, there are times when a company will use a press release that will include information regarding another company. With press releases of this nature, the company mentioned in the press release my feel the need to respond to what was said in the press release. Recently, this occurred to Securus Technologies. The company was mentioned in a press release sent out by another company GTL. The press release involved various issues about patents and technology that concerned the two companies.


Securus Technologies sent out a press release for the purpose of trying to correct information that was included in GTL’s press release. The total focus of Securus Technologies press release was to state the company’s view that the claims made by GTL were inaccurate.


In Securus Technologies’ press release, the company stated that the claims made by GTL contained numerous misleading statements regarding the technology and patents that the two companies have a difference of opinion on concerning rights and ownership. Securus Technologies pointed out claim by claim what it felt were the misleading statements made by GTL.


I think that the press release sent out by Securus Technologies regarding the GTL press release was done in a professional manner. The press release just addressed the claims made against Securus Technologies and presented the reasons why Securus Technologies felt the claims were misleading.


Securus Technologies  is a company in the a technology field. The company provides a variety of technology products to safety related organizations.



Keith Mann

Education is a great way to change a community in the future. Many local schools today do not have access to the funding that is required to run a great school. Keith Mann recently announced another gift to local schools in his area. He is someone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others, and he believes education is the best way to do that. Although he has had a lot of success in business, he now spends most of his time investing in the local community.


Keith Mann


From the time he was young, Keith Mann has always been someone with a plan to be great. When he first started out in business, things did not go as well as he hoped. There are a lot of people who look up to the success that he has accomplished in helping the schools in New York. Once he had a few successes in business, he had more money than he could spend on himself. He decided to spend time and money helping others get to a new level in life. There are a lot of people who really look up to the success that he has had in this area.


Future Plans


In the coming years, Keith Mann wants to help more people in his local area. He gives a lot of money to charities that he believes in. In addition, he spends a lot of time mentoring young people who are interested in starting their own business. This is a valuable service to the local community, and Keith Mann wants to continue doing this in the coming years.

Trendsetters in the Mobile Industry

FreedomPop is a service provider that offers financial options to suit several models. By signing up, you are provided with a list of the internet and mobile services which you can choose from.


Their primary ticket to fame was through their free cell phone service. This provides five hundred megabytes of 4G data with an additional two hundred voice minutes and totally unlimited texting. The receiving and sending of texts, however, eats up the data bundles. The platform does not require any contracts and there are zero cancellation fees.


Five hundred megabytes are pretty low for average users hence the platform specifies that this is only for light users. Light users include checking of emails and communication via social media. Users who stream music or watch videos on YouTube are not suited to this plan.


If you go beyond the prescribed data allotment, you are automatically charged ten dollars for every renewal of the scheme within a month. You can avoid the charges from their website. This is by disabling the automatical top up option. For the subsequent years after signing up, one has to pay ten dollars for the same service each month.


A user can increase his/her data by taking advantage of three ways. By paying $0.02 for all additional megabytes you use, this will, however, be expensive in the long run. By inviting friends to sign up with FreedomPop through a program known as Freedom Friends, one gains additional ten megabytes per month for every friend invited. By completing offers, downloading the software or taking the surveys that are offered by FreedomPop.


With the kind of internet dependability, five hundred megabytes is nothing. FreedomPop has several options that will cover for everyone’s needs.

  • A five dollar Wi-Fi calling option per month. This allows communication through voice, data and text via Wi-Fi network. This is a viable option for users living in metropolitan areas and rarely communicates outside such places.
  • A ten dollar monthly unlimited texts and calls with an additional five hundred megabytes.
  • A twenty dollar monthly unlimited text and calls with an extra one-gigabyte data.


For users with a fixed budget, FreedomPop provides several internet data options hence has an impressive FreedomPop review. A refundable deposit is sent where one can receive five hundred megabytes monthly for free. Just like the cellular plan, an automatic top-up is applied unless you opt out. Additional data can be obtained by referring friends concerning the platform and taking surveys.

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The Need to Know on The Statement Released by Squaw Valley

There has been a statement released by Squaw Valley that tells all that there is needed to know about the water quality of the upper mountain in Squaw Valley. Here is a basic recap of what was said in their statement.

During the month of October there was a heavy rain storm that was very unusual and that storm did cause some things to go on with the water systems that were in place at Placer County. Within the area of Squaw Valley this strange weather ended up causing inundation within the system that had just been upgraded during the the summer and this caused some contamination to that system. However, even though that system was affected it was only that system which was affected and therefor there was no contamination done to any of the systems that provided water to the public.

When the problem was found out during the testing that they do regularly they made sure to inform the Placer County Environmental Health and also made sure to inform the Squaw Valley Public Service district. Having contacted these individuals their next step in the matter was to contact the leading experts within the water safety field. With the help of those experts they were able to take the much needed steps to making sure that the system gets back to normal levels.

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They have stated that until the time comes that there is no longer a risk with regular water usage for the High Camp and the Gold Coast they will be using different methods for water usage. Squaw Valley feels that the safety of their customers is very important. They are making sure to take every part of this issue seriously and are making sure to ensure the safety of the the resort in every aspect.

Squaw Valley loves to make sure that their clients are happy. That is why there are safety features already in place, such as regularly checking the levels of the water, to ensure the safety of their clients. Which is why so many have chosen to stay forever clients with them. No matter what the clients needs have always come first when it comes to what Squaw Valley cares about the most and they will do what it takes to keep it like that.

During the time that it takes for this issue at hand to be resolved, the guests that are staying at High Camp and also at Gold Coast will be able to use the facilities like normal and will be offered free bottled water for drinking. The guests will of course be kept up to date on all maters extending from this issue and will be told when the issue is confirmed by the experts to be terminated. Squaw Valley has also stated that they would love to give their thanks to Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District when it comes to them having provided so much help and also their cooperation that is still ongoing in terms of the matter at hand.

James Dondero’s Corporate Support of The Family Place

Highland Capital Management, L.P. has awarded a $1 million challenge grant to help The Family Place raise the final amount of funds necessary to bring their latest campaign to an end. The Dallas-based organization needs to raise an additional $2.8 million in the next six months for its Legacy Campaign to be successful.

According to Crunchbase, James Dandero and his company, Highland Capital Management, L.P., have been supporters of The Family Place organization for years. This announcement came as a shock to no one who attended The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon. James Dandero is proud to be a part of The Family Place’s mission of supporting victims of family violence. Learn more about James Dandero:

The grant matches any funds raised for the campaign up to $1 million. Highland Capital is more than happy to extend its philanthropic arm of support to its neighboring charity organization. Since making the announcement in October, the group has raised $200,000.

As stipulated by the grant, Highland Capital adds its 50% match of $100,000 to the campaign. The overall goal of the Legacy Campaign is to raise $16.5 million. Highland Capital offered its assistance to ensure that the organization reaches its desired goal. James wants to make sure that The Family Place can finish its campaign on a strong note.

James Dondero is a career man and has been since the 1980s. He started out by being admitted to the Morgan Guaranty training program. He was accepted into the program the same year he graduated from the University of Virginia, where he attended McIntire School of Commerce. James Dandero earned dual majors in both Accounting and Finance; two degrees he received with the highest honors.

For over 30 years, James has worked in the credit and equity markets. Currently, he’s President of Highland Capital Management, a company he founded. He’s led his company to many award-winning solutions. James has made Highland Capital one of the most successful businesses in the Dallas area. It’s reported that Highland Capital has an estimated $19 billion in assets under its management.

Get Exemplary Lung Stem Cell Treatment At The Lung Institute.

Lung Institute’s doctors have a vast knowledge that enables them to gain proficiency and global recognition in the application of revolutionary and quality stem cell therapies for lung infections. The extended period of medical expertise equips them with patient experience that ensures safety and superior quality healthcare. We do stem cell operation using the individual’s stem cells in combination with platelet-rich plasma to enhance healing of the damaged lung tissues. Because lung diseases inhibit breathing, our therapy meant for outpatient improve the patients’ quality of life and help them to breathe easily.

Lung Institute recognizes that every patient has their history and background information, but the common thing with them is that they have chronic lung infections. We diligently treat all the patients according to their desires because we recognize that the patients deserve medical care unique to their situation. The mode of treatment applied in the Lung Institute involves screening the patient carefully, analyzing their health history and the current condition to realize the best results from treatment. As posted on the Lung Institute’s website, the recent meeting in Italy depicts that the institute does extensive research before adopting any method of therapy.

Lung Stem Cell Treatment.

The therapy harness maintenance ability of the stem cells. The stem cells are first withdrawn and the separated from the bone marrow or blood. They are then re-introduced into the body where they rest in the lungs and bring about natural healing and reduction of inflammation. One of the illnesses treated using the stem cell therapy is the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The condition causes a restricted air inflow and outflows from the lungs consequently making breathing hard. The method of treatment is holistic because the blood is enriched with plasma so that it increase the rate of healing of the damaged tissue.

Many sufferers of chronic lung illnesses have trouble breathing thus need oxygen support all day. However, it would be important to know that with treatment, you would not need to walk around with oxygen or walker. There is plenty of treatment options available and if you want to find out more, contact the patient coordinators or browse the Lung Institute’s site by clicking, also you can message us on our Facebook account.





Wen by Chaz: The Best Hair Care Product

To condition your hair or not to, to oil it or not to, when it comes to hair care, different people will give you different types of advice. Some will advise you to “oil your hair” while your hairdresser will recommend the latest IT “hair spa, Moroccan oil, or products that strengthen your hair and not rebound it”.

Learning how to strengthen your hair is not a difficult task as long as you can spot the signs on time and attend to them immediately. These signs are such as extreme dryness, split ends, and excessive oiliness. Though it could also be genetic, it could be as a result of other factors such as:

  • Excessive air conditioning and shampooing
  • Extreme heat from hair styling tools
  • Use of contraceptives and childbirth
  • Hair-care diet

Besides eating healthy, you can also take care of your hair by using strengthening products such as anti-breakage, renewal styling, shampoo, and conditioners products. These products should contain ingredients that infuse proteins, and amino acids. You should, however, avoid hair products that dry out your hair completely. Use shampoos and conditioners that penetrate deep into your scalp and moisturize it by hydrating your hair roots and follicles. You can also enrich your hair by conditioning it using protein mask.

Wen by Chaz hair care is a revolutionary concept used to cleanse and strengthen your hair. It is a healthy alternative for people who prefer using natural hair products to style their hair. Wen by Chaz hair care eradicates the use of shampoo and harsh hair care detergents.

With this hair QVC advertised product, you no longer need to purchase shampoos or leave-in conditioners since it encompasses five different ingredients in one. Wen hair products are good for curly, bristly and super thick hair. When choosing hair products especially remedies for damaged hair, it is important to know about the contents of the hair care product so as to avoid future disappointments. Check out the Wen Facebook page, and subscribe here: