Securus Technologies Enabling Easy Communication

Securus Technologies is a leader when it comes to providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Securus America Technologies ( provide solutions for public safety, correction, investigation, and monitoring. Securus Technologies announced the successful user adoption of the company’s mobile application for inmates’ video phone calls.

The Android app as confirmed by PR Newswire, since it was launched has received over 60,000 downloads while the Apple device received 5,000 downloads after a week of being launched.

The Securus Video Visit mobile application is a representation of the how the company serve and connect. People will now be able to link with each other in a much easier and convenient way with their incarcerated friends or families. This app gives families and friend a much easy way to connect with their relatives and friends. In the past one was limited to the option of a phone call or physically visiting. The visit to the prison and jail will now be easy and convenient to all.

The app will be free, and it gives families a chance to connect with their loved once especially on special occasions. To download the Securus Video Visit app visit the Google Play store for Android and App Store for Apple. Also a Youtube video tutorial on Securus can be watched.

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas and it serves more than three thousand public safety correction and law enforcement facilities.

Securus Technologies is dedicated to serving and connect by providing emergency response, public information, incident management, communication, information management, inmate self-service, investigation, biometric analysis, and monitoring products and services to make the world we live in safer for everyone.

Securus Technologies gives a public safety solution that is designed to help law enforcers collect, visualize, consolidate, store and distribute information quick to enable critical information for emergency response

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    The applications are for Apple iPhone, iPods, iPod Touches, and Android smartphones and tablets. It also caters for over 1,200,00 inmates all over North America. It simply because paid essays has been able to cater for these things that’s why it’s turning to a global phenomenon.

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