Securus Technologies Moving Forward With Optimism

One of the tragic realities of a person’s life is getting locked up in prison. The American criminal justice system is a vast jungle of insane regulation and disenfranchised minorities. Securus Technologies wants to help the most vulnerable find the hope and encouragement they need in their dark situation. Recent data indicates that minorities, particularly blacks, are incarcerated longer for committing the same crimes as white people. Securus Technologies deeply regrets this fact, which is why they are so happy to be in the business of helping those affected by the injustice of American justice.


Securus Technologies was recently challenged by GTL over patents. This challenge is hindering innovation and stifling growth. Securus Technologies is happy to offer the public all sorts of new opportunities. When competitors challenge Securus Technologies, they are giving the message that they do not value innovation. Securus Technologies’ products are high quality, and focused on maximizing the return on investment for prisoners and staff. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


One of Securus Technologies’ primary products is the video chat system. The video chat system allows lonely prisoners to communicate with those they care about, and see how they are doing. Securus Technologies is so happy to provide this to those who deeply miss their family. While the industry is fiercely competitive, Securus Technologies remains happy and devoted to all their customers.


Securus Technologies has grown to be a major provider of equipment for prisons. They are based in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies is hoping to see further improvements like its ingenious electronic prison complaint form. The electronic prison complaint form permits prisoners to efficiently log their issues in a way that does not hinder staff’s efforts. The joy that Securus Technologies receives from staff cannot be underestimated. Staff are giving such positive feedback to something that used to take them a long time to do.


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