Securus Technologies report to shame and End fraud by carriers is a just move

Securus Technologies, a accredited company, is set to release reports in the next six months on the injustices going on in the Global Tel Link (GTL). These is a wise move I strongly think is meant to show ongoing fraud in the inmate communication provider Global Tel Link and drawing from the Securus Technologies Chief Executive Officer of Mr. Richard report, even though, many carriers in the industry are serving customers with integrity and utmost humane, Global Tel Link has gone low beyond the expectation of serving law enforcement corrections, inmates, friends, and family. This offends Mr. Richard A. (Rick) Smith of Securus Technologies and intends to bring a stop to this by publishing a report on PR Newswire highlighting the integrity breaches By Global Tel Link.

I believe that the press releases are going to give an analysis of the unjust acts deliberately and continuously committed by the GTL with an aim to make it change for the better. The report release covers the issues reported by Louisiana Public Service Commission I January 21, 1998 on the GTL fraudulent actions which includes; programming of the clock to add more time (15 or 36 seconds) to each call, overcharging higher rates than allowed under its tariff, to add money to its calls, GTL bills single calls more than once. What is disturbing in the report is that deliberately and ended up overcharging Louisiana taxpayers $ 1243,000.
Since the report by Louisiana is one among many instances of wrongful actions by GTL, Securus concern and intent to bring to an end and even stop other carriers engaging in such action like the Enron and Madoff whose reputation were questioned years back is justified. This because Securus Technologies’ concern about the industry’s reputation which risks being soiled by the unfaithful carriers whose mission is to make more money by overcharging their customers.


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  • Emmanuel Duke
    August 25, 2016 - 4:57 am | Permalink

    Even if Richard likes he should report the whole world, the fact still remains that many carriers in the industry are serving customers with integrity and utmost humane just like superior essay writing too. They have what they take to carry on the victorious rule. This will be a way of surplanting the arguement.

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