Shop In Seoul With Kim Dao And Friends

South Korea has some of the best shops in all of Asia. If you’re skeptical about Seoul’s shopping supremacy, you should really check out Kim Dao’s vlog “Korea Vlog: Shopping, Karaoke & Fortune Telling | ft. Chonunmigooksaram & Sunnydahye.” In this exciting vlog, Kim Dao goes around some of Seoul’s famous shops with her friends Sunnydahye and Megan Bowen (aka ChoNunMigookSaram).


At the start of the video, Kim Dao says Sunnydahye is obsessed with the new K-Pop song “EXO_Lucky One.” Kim Dao tells us that Sunny will most likely play this song thousands of times throughout the week. Learn more:


In the next shot, Kim Dao and Sunny are walking down the streets of Gangnam. Kim says she just purchased a ton of goods and put them all in her backpack. The two friends are walking towards Hongdae for lunch. Learn more:


As Kim and Sunny stroll towards Hongdae, Kim films all of the shops around the area. A few popular stores they pass by include Etude House, Banila Co., and A.H.C. Learn more:


For lunch, Kim Dao and Sunny decide to order some tteokbokki with eggs and pork. Kim Dao advises her viewers to try this food if they ever get the chance to visit Korea.


After lunch, Kim Dao and Sunny head to a karaoke bar with Megan Bowen. Kim films Sunny and Megan belting some K-Pop hits. Kim also shows us the late night snacks everyone orders in the karaoke station.


Later in the video, Kim Dao and her friends decide to get a Tarot card reading. The fortune teller says that Kim Dao thinks too much and that she will most likely move back to Australia next year. Learn more:



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