Sussex Health Care: Home For The Elderly

This is a certified Health Care Service Delivery unit which was chatter in 2002 by the Health Quality Service (HQS), and the People Standard has heavily invested in it. it has ever since attained an international standard ISO 9000:2000 undertaking a quality management managerial criteria, thus making Sussex Health Care the only private and independent In-house/ Home provider in the UK to have attained dual certification for both HQS and ISO 9000:2000.

Apart from facilitating Health Care services, they also advocate for recreation among their clients providing every home with a full package of the program of undertakings to stimulate, encourage and interest the individuals to get the best out of these facilities.

The Sussex Health Care has a Policy Group which undertakes the managerial duty of the organization. They (the Policy Group) are a bunch of professionals highly experienced and well informed on the administrative task shouldered on them by the organization.

The Sussex Health Care provides homes for the aged. They choose the appropriate homes for the elderly striving to provide a safe, comfortable ecosystem with support and stimulation for each client to attain full health, mental stability, emotional balance, and social capacity. The Sussex Health Care has an academy where they nurture professionals to take good care of these delicately aged clients who demand special attention and treatment and with several complications.

The Sussex Health Care staff is friendly and determined to serve their clients adequately. The warm and homely climate created between them and their clients ensures that the clients continue with their lifestyle with personal confidentiality and dignity. The home is fully furnished with recreation areas with good signposts, all for the benefit of the older adults who are disadvantaged differently.

Sussex Health Care provides 31 places for their clients who have dementia and Alzheimer’s ailment, a spacious house providing single or shared rooms fitted with special facilities like en-suite bathrooms.

They offer 24 hours surveillance with experienced care staff under strict surveillance of the Registered Home Manager. Experts are there to give guidelines on any aspect of their clients care, recreation needs or the environment which best suits them.

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