We live in a world where charity organizations and massive donations make the difference between living one more day or dying. We have for a very long term depended on these generous donations so as to grow our talents and lives as well. Many of these charity organizations or donations made by the generous business people who happen to be vastly blessed financially, go towards helping a great course in the community, from building playgrounds for kids, building recreational facilities or even hospitals.

Dick DeVos, a Michigan entrepreneur, and the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos served as CEO of the consumer commodities distribution company from 1993–2002. In 2006, DeVos ran for governor of Michigan but lost to Democratic incumbent Jennifer Granholm. He was listed 67th richest person in the USA in 2012 Forbes magazine, with a net worth of approximately $5.1 billion.

Dick and Betsy DeVos have been on the forefront in helping and donating to the less fortunate, for a very long period; the two have given donations to various individuals and organizations. It’s due to this good gesture and much more that have created a good rapport between the DeVos and the community as well. Way back In 2010 Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management, was renamed the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center after Betsy and Dick DeVos committed $22.5 million. The Institute offers practical training to arts managers and board members on stages of professional development in the American United States and around the globe; its centerpiece is the “Capacity Building programs, which offer technical support to arts managers and their boards through seminars, web chats, and on-site consultations. This has been very vital in the day to day running of the art center. It’s evident that their contribution has been of great help to the people and the country as well.

The DeVos has played a huge part, apart from the huge donation that they made to the Kennedy Center Institute for Arts Management; Dick has been on the forefront in giving out scholarships to scholars who wish to pursue their studies even further at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, particularly those from developing nations. Indeed a blessing to many.

It goes without saying that many people have been touched in one way of the other by his generous donations, the Kennedy institute of Arts will forever be in his debt and the millions of students to have gone through school thanks to his sponsorship will forever be grateful for the great person he is. Truth be told, it would take a million years if I were to unearth all the good things that Dick DeVos have done for the Community and the world as well. You can visit his website just to have a glimpse of this great man, am sure that you will love what you see or read. What are you waiting for?

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