The Need to Know on The Statement Released by Squaw Valley

There has been a statement released by Squaw Valley that tells all that there is needed to know about the water quality of the upper mountain in Squaw Valley. Here is a basic recap of what was said in their statement.

During the month of October there was a heavy rain storm that was very unusual and that storm did cause some things to go on with the water systems that were in place at Placer County. Within the area of Squaw Valley this strange weather ended up causing inundation within the system that had just been upgraded during the the summer and this caused some contamination to that system. However, even though that system was affected it was only that system which was affected and therefor there was no contamination done to any of the systems that provided water to the public.

When the problem was found out during the testing that they do regularly they made sure to inform the Placer County Environmental Health and also made sure to inform the Squaw Valley Public Service district. Having contacted these individuals their next step in the matter was to contact the leading experts within the water safety field. With the help of those experts they were able to take the much needed steps to making sure that the system gets back to normal levels.

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They have stated that until the time comes that there is no longer a risk with regular water usage for the High Camp and the Gold Coast they will be using different methods for water usage. Squaw Valley feels that the safety of their customers is very important. They are making sure to take every part of this issue seriously and are making sure to ensure the safety of the the resort in every aspect.

Squaw Valley loves to make sure that their clients are happy. That is why there are safety features already in place, such as regularly checking the levels of the water, to ensure the safety of their clients. Which is why so many have chosen to stay forever clients with them. No matter what the clients needs have always come first when it comes to what Squaw Valley cares about the most and they will do what it takes to keep it like that.

During the time that it takes for this issue at hand to be resolved, the guests that are staying at High Camp and also at Gold Coast will be able to use the facilities like normal and will be offered free bottled water for drinking. The guests will of course be kept up to date on all maters extending from this issue and will be told when the issue is confirmed by the experts to be terminated. Squaw Valley has also stated that they would love to give their thanks to Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District when it comes to them having provided so much help and also their cooperation that is still ongoing in terms of the matter at hand.

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