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FreedomPop is a service provider that offers financial options to suit several models. By signing up, you are provided with a list of the internet and mobile services which you can choose from.


Their primary ticket to fame was through their free cell phone service. This provides five hundred megabytes of 4G data with an additional two hundred voice minutes and totally unlimited texting. The receiving and sending of texts, however, eats up the data bundles. The platform does not require any contracts and there are zero cancellation fees.


Five hundred megabytes are pretty low for average users hence the platform specifies that this is only for light users. Light users include checking of emails and communication via social media. Users who stream music or watch videos on YouTube are not suited to this plan.


If you go beyond the prescribed data allotment, you are automatically charged ten dollars for every renewal of the scheme within a month. You can avoid the charges from their website. This is by disabling the automatical top up option. For the subsequent years after signing up, one has to pay ten dollars for the same service each month.


A user can increase his/her data by taking advantage of three ways. By paying $0.02 for all additional megabytes you use, this will, however, be expensive in the long run. By inviting friends to sign up with FreedomPop through a program known as Freedom Friends, one gains additional ten megabytes per month for every friend invited. By completing offers, downloading the software or taking the surveys that are offered by FreedomPop.


With the kind of internet dependability, five hundred megabytes is nothing. FreedomPop has several options that will cover for everyone’s needs.

  • A five dollar Wi-Fi calling option per month. This allows communication through voice, data and text via Wi-Fi network. This is a viable option for users living in metropolitan areas and rarely communicates outside such places.
  • A ten dollar monthly unlimited texts and calls with an additional five hundred megabytes.
  • A twenty dollar monthly unlimited text and calls with an extra one-gigabyte data.


For users with a fixed budget, FreedomPop provides several internet data options hence has an impressive FreedomPop review. A refundable deposit is sent where one can receive five hundred megabytes monthly for free. Just like the cellular plan, an automatic top-up is applied unless you opt out. Additional data can be obtained by referring friends concerning the platform and taking surveys.

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