Whitney Wolfe Creates A Women Friendly App With Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is responsible for a Bumble app that has completely changed online dating. She has addressed the problems women have with online dating such as feeling uncomfortable or harassed. She is passionate about stopping any harassment or bullying and her app places women first. Andrey Andreev founded a social network in Europe called Badoo and gave her some advice. This led to a business partnership and the founding of Bumble.

Bumble gives men and women the ability to express interest by tapping on a profile. No connection will be recognized unless both individuals have liked each others profiles. Once this has happened only the woman can make the first move. The app has been incredibly successful and by August of 2016 there were 25 billion profiles viewed and over 7 million users. Over 350,000 conversations are started by women every day. The app boasts a close ratio of men and women which is almost unheard of in online dating. This was one of the originals goals of Whitney Wolfe. She wanted to balance out the dating world. Whitney Wolfe feels that by having women make the first move a man will feel flattered instead of rejected. She believes this is a large part of what has made the app so successful.

Whitney Wolfe’s life began in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her parents were a housewife and a property developer. She chose the Southern Methodist University for her education with a major in International Studies. Her first business began while she was in college when she sold bamboo tote bags to help the people affected by the BP oil spill. Once she graduated college Whitney Wolfe went to Southeast Asia so she could work with orphanages.

Whitney Wolfe has built her reputation as an American entrepreneur. She founded Bumble and remains the company’s CEO. She is additionally the co-founder of Tinder. As of April of 2016, Bumble and Tinder are the first and fourth most popular sites for dating online. Business Insider named her one of the most important women below 30 in 2014. In 2016 she became one of the women in technology by Elle.

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