Whitney Wolfe Helps Singles Establish Better Connections

There has never been a time where meeting people has been so easy. It is true that you can catch up with a ton of old friends from Facebook, but it is very rare for you to have an opportunity to meet many new people through Facebook. The dating app community, however, provides a wide spectrum for people that want to meet others that are single. Whitney Wolfe has a ton of experience with helping singles make matches, and she is still under the age of 30.

A ton of singles might say that Whitney Wolfe has the ability to work as an expert in this field of dating apps because she has experience on both sides of the coin. She has been single and connected with friends that have talked freely about how hard it is to wait on the man to make the first move.

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Whitney Wolfe is someone that has also married recently, and this gives her a better understanding of what expectations are when it comes to a marriage partner. All of these things combined, coupled with her initial steps in being a co-founder of Tinder, has allowed her to create a bold dating app called Bumble.

The game of dating is often referred to as a game of chance. People meet one another, and they have conversations that may lead to a possible match. In real life most adults do not have as much time to meet anyone new. If they are working they may get involved with someone in the office. If they go out a lot they met find other singles in clubs or bars. People that have moved beyond this club and bar scene, however, may be reduced to meetings with new people at work or in church. If they are not bouncing from one church or job over and over again they are typically going to run into the same people.

Dating apps provide people with the ability to meet more singles that are outside of the areas that they would usually go to from one day to the next. Whitney Wolfe wanted to spice things up by giving people the chance to connect with the woman making the first move. If she does not respond to a match in 24 hours the match is gone forever. With this she knew that she was cutting down on harassment in the dating app environment as well.


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